People don’t understand what a cover song means -Mr Drew explains “Eat” song theft.

Budding Ghanaian musician, Mr Drew has come out to clear the air on the “Eat” song saga. According to Drew, the entire “Eat” song theft was a misunderstanding and a case of bad-mouthing.

Additionally, according to Drew, they had already spoken to the original composer of the song. Furthermore, his team had on countless occasion also made it clear it was a cover.

“It’s very unfortunate a lot of people don’t understand the meaning of a cover song. As musicians, we are allowed to do covers. Moreover, once it is not your intellectual property, you don’t put it out as yours. However, it is worthy to note that anytime I posted, I made reference to the original composer as being the owner”. He explained in Twi.

Drew explains eat song theft after claiming a fellow musician snitched on him to Rotimi.

Furthermore, he added that sometimes people just follow the bandwagon. According to Mr Drew, a lot of people barely know anything about the song and what it entails. Yet, when rumours are rife on social media, they would join and tag him as a song thief.

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“People don’t read and others don’t also have the full details, but they would comment about it as if I had committed a crime. A lot of people are not aware of the main reason why the issue came”.

Mr Drew explains eat song theft issues
Mr Drew, Ghanaian Musician

In addition, he revealed that it was a fellow Ghanaian musician who reported him to the originator, Rotimi. However, he had contacted Rotimi, but it seems he didn’t receive the message earlier.

“I know the person who reported me to Rotimi. He is a Ghanaian and he is not my relative as purported. He is one of the underground musicians in the industry. What people don’t know is that I contacted the originator before putting the cover out”.

The ‘Eat’ song was taken from ‘Love Riddin’ song. Watch the full interview.


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