Please come out and explain – Prince Don Tsegah

Host of Usay Wetin on Hitz Fm, also known as the Don, has alleged that the seeming good relation and press release from Mz Vee and Lynxx Entertainment is a sign of “diplomatism” that is good for corporate image. He made this statement on the Hitz Entertainment Review show.

Golden Voice MzVee

Yesterday, news broke out that finally Mz Vee and her management record label, Lynxx Entertainment owned by Richie Mensah has decided to mutually part ways without any concrete reason, but rather seemed diplomatic about their separation. He therefore stated that it is better they strive to solve whatever issue there is rather than sweeping it under the pocket. In his view although solving the problem wouldn’t have been bad, it is good for corporate image and makes them look mature.

“If they come out to dispel some of these allegations, it will be good, rather than trying to sweep it under the carpet and pretend as if everything is good. Well, for corporate image that is okay. It sends a certain signal that people can have a lot of confidence in you. That one is good” he added.

Furthermore he said that if such challenges are not dealt with it could repeat itself again.


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