Popular highlife legend reveals how he came by the name, Asebu Amenfi.

Ghanaian High life musician, Mr. Kwabena Owusu has revealed how he came by the popular name Asebu Amenfi.

Asebu Amenfi, was a very popular figure in the Central Region because of his huge physical appearance and enormous strength.

He is also known to be a warrior and one of the few who established residency at Abura Dunkwaw in the Central Region. His exploits remain in the cannons of history.

Speaking on the Adadem show, a solely highlife music show, Mr. Kwabena Owusu, a.k.a Asebu Amenfi said to the host, Fiko Darling that his master, or mentor with which he played the same highlife band, Mr. Alex Konadu gave the name to him.

Mr. Kofi Konadu, further went on to ask Asebu Amenfi, the exact situation that led to that particular name.

Kwabena Owusu chronicles the genesis of Asebu Amenfi
Highlife legend, Asebu Amenfi

He thus answered saying that usually when they would travel from one vicinity to the other to play shows, the bandsmen would fix and arrange the musical instruments.

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However, because of his enormous strength, he could raise an instrument that would take about four different people to lift at a time, hence the name Asebu Amenfi, likening Mr. Kwabena Owusu to the giant who formed the Abura Dunkwaw township.

“Honestly speaking, the giant, Asebu Amenfi is not a family relative or I do not come from his lineage. What happened was that my master, Alex Konadu gave me that because of the energy and strength I possess. Generaly, when we are going to play shows and we are arranging our instruments, I could carry about instruments that would take four different persons to do so at a time, hence he compared me to the giant Asebu Amenfi for being able to do that” he said.

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Mr. Kwabena Owusu or yet still Asebu Amenfi hails from Kumasi Abuakwa Asonomaso, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He started singing in 1976 at the age of 27.

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Interestingly, it is believed that the giant legend who is said to have founded the Asebu Kingdom is believed to have planted his sword in the town thousand years ago but no one has been able to grub out. 


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