Real Mc “fires” Mc Bebe

The two seem to have unsolved issues after Real Mc, a very talented musician who sprang from Cape Coast alleged Mc Bebe and his entertainment & events outfit acted unprofessionally.

Mc Bebe, Former Orange Drive Host, Cape FM 93.3 MHz

It is quite unclear what sparked the outrage and free your mind comment from Mc Bebee, former renowned Orange Drive Time host of Cape Coast based radio station, CAPE FM, 93.3MHz. However, it seems this did not go well with multiple award winning musician Real Mc, who fired a close shot at the youthful presenter.

On Saturday, 21st September, 2019, Mc Bebe posted a comment on his facebook wall concerning Real Mc’s nomination at the Central Music Awards Nomination press release after it was announced that Real Mc had been nominated in the Best Rapper of the year category. This didn’t go down well with Real Mc as he fired back at Mc Bebe claiming that they are not on the same level to warrant his hate.

MC BEBE, throws first jab
Some other alleged denigrating posts from MC BEBE
Real Mc (left) Tee Phlow (Right)

Real Mc took the coveted and enviable position as the CMA 2018 artiste of the year. He is currently signed under Habour City Records.

Facebook Comments

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