Rex Omar dedicates court victory to fellow musicians.

Highlife musician, Rex Omar, has revealed that the purpose for suing beverage company, Joy Industry was not for money but to teach them a lesson that one cannot use someone’s intellectual property without consulting the creative artist.

In lieu of this, he dedicated the victory to fellow musicians encouraging that this would create the awareness and set the precedence that other musicians would follow.

For almost 5 years, Rex Omar, had been fighting this war against Joy Industries but finally, yesterday, Wednesday, 29 January 2020, a Koforidua High Court slapped damages of GHS200,000 against Joy Dadi Bitters.

The multiple award winner and former member of NAKOREX band, took to his social media handle, Facebook, to celebrate his victory, writing about the illegality of the actions of Joy Industries, “I didn’t go to court against Joy Dadi Bitters for the money. I did it for the principle and the creative arts industry. You can’t use someone’s sweat and creativity just like that, without his permission, without crediting him and without paying him for it. That is against the law”.

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Still in the post, he encouraged all musicians to follow suite and do the exact thing whenever they realize that their intellectual property is being used without due accreditation or permission being granted.

“This should open the door for all musicians whose music is used without their permission to demand what is rightfully theirs. I am glad I took this stand. We have been in court for years and I prevailed. But this is a sweet victory for the creative arts industry.

Rex Omar, in 2015, sued the brewery company for using some portions of his song, ‘Dada di da’ without seeking his consent and also refusing to pay him for his intellectual property.


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