Rex Omar supports weed smokers comparing kontomire to weed

The president of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Mr Rexford Owusu Marfo, popularly referred to as Rex Omar has stated that there is no significant difference between kontomire and weed.

According to Rex Omar, the “Abiba” crooner, kontomire is a herb and weed is also a herb, hence it would be hypocritical to condemn people who use weed even though he doesn’t use weed.

Speaking in a radio interview at Accra based Happy Fm, he told host, Dr Cann that sometimes Ghanaians are too judgmental. In his view, kontomire is just like weed because they are all herbs, so he doesn’t see the reason why people should judge people if they decide to take a form of herb that they think would help them in their line of business.

Rex Omar kontomire weed
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“I don’t take weed yet I don’t have a problem with anyone who takes weed. We are sometimes too judgemental. If you eat kontomire and someone likes weed, they are both herbs so what moral right do you have to judge that person?”, he asked.

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He also went ahead to ask for people to respect the decision of musicians who decide to smoke weed especially when they demand it backstage. He debunked the notion that weed must not be provided for musicians of they demanded. According to Rex Omar, if the weed would enhance their performance and give a good show, hence if it is stated in their contract, you must be ready to provide it.

“There are artistes that if you call on them for shows, it is stated in their contract that you must provide them with weed backstage. That is what will help him do his work so you must provide it”.

The grace Of God saved me after I was tricked into drugs as Rex Omar holds brief for weed smoking musicians.

Speaking on the same platform, Rex Omar told Dr Cann that it only takes the grace of God to get out of the icy hands of drug addiction, hence he would not overly chastise people or creative artistes who have been lured or are doing drugs.

“A lot of artistes are tricked into doing drugs by the labels they work with. In most cases, they’re tricked into these things and that was the level I got to until I left. It was only by the Grace of God,” Rex Omar intimated.

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According to Rex Omar, some of these record labels abuse their artiste’s desire for success. In doing so, they gradually lure them into hard drugs and it ends up affecting them.


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