Sarkodie is my brother – Shatta Wale reveals on radio after making peace.

Two of Ghana’s greatest musicians, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie finally make peace on radio. For almost two years, these two great acts have been at loggerheads. However, Shatta Wale revealed that “Sarkodie my brother”.

The two were good friends before things spiralled out of control. On several occasions, Shatta Wale called Sarkodie broke and a hypocrite. This was rumoured to be as a result of a decision Sarkodie took. It was alleged Sarkodie inked a deal behind him. However, the initial agreement was that they’d both ditch the deal if it wasn’t too good.

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Shatta Wale, on many platforms, criticised Sarkodie, sayingย Sarkodieโ€œisnโ€™t who the public thinks he is. Interestingly, in a surprise interview with Andy Dosty, on Accra based Hitz FM the duo cracked jokes. It is against this backdrop that many feel the duo are now back together.

Shatta wale reveals that Sarkodie is his brother as they made peace.

Andy Dosty gave Sarkodie a surprise gift as he allowed an interesting conversation between them on his show. Additionally, Shatta Wale made a lot of interesting quips at Sarkodie and other peace moves as well.

“Every birthday, he dey buy me something, but I don’t know why this time he no do so” Shatta quipped. Interestingly Sarkodie replied, “Charles, how are you?” Sarkodie asked in Twi.

However, Shatta went ahead to call him boss this time. “Boss, please all is well. Ever since you arrived, I haven’t heard from you” Shatta answered. Furthermore, he jokingly told Sarkodie that he was at the washing bay, washing His (Sarkodie) car. Sarkodie then replied, “You are aware today is my birthday, so when you done, come home” he laughed over it.

The SM boss then also spoke, “I am talking to my boss”. Sarkodie went on to stress the fact that today is his birthday. “Today is my birthday, so because of the coronavirus, when you come home, just leave the gift at the door”. “Shatta Wale, you are fond of roaming, so when you come home, just stay at the door. By now you have contracted the virus”. They laughed off the entire joke as Shatta Wale wished him a happy birthday.

Social media has been awash with the celebrations of Sarkodie’s birthday. Furthermore, Wendy Shay didn’t hide her admiration for Sarkodie and made a passionate about being part of the “5S”.

Some twitter users sharing their joy over Sarkodie and Shatta Wale’s union on radio.

Shatta Wale and Sarkodie back to back diss track against each other even before they made peace.

Shatta Wale was however shocked when Sarkodie dissed him after he called him broke.

โ€œIf I say you are broke, I have not dissed you. You donโ€™t have to do a diss track to the diss Lord. When I heard that, I was like I only said you are broke so you donโ€™t have to do a song for me.โ€

A year after, Shatta Wale, however, releasedย Little Tipย , which many considered as a reply to his “Advice”.


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