Shatta Wale has sacked his “Militants” as as he devours them in a video on Twitter.

Self acclaimed dancehall King, Shatta Wale has revealed that he has sacked his “sons”, Militants.

In a video trending on twitter, Shatta Wale revealed that he has sacked Addi Self, Natty Lee and Joint 77 who form the Militants group.

However, in the video, Shatta revealed that he has sacked them because they are not serious.

“You see, Addi Self, Natty Lee, Joint 77, i sack them. I sack them before January or middle of January sef. That be why I give them dema pass say make them go” he retorted.

Interestingly, Shatta added that these militants often write low standard songs and put them in the various.

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According to him, those songs are misrepresentation of his brand and the quality of music he does.

“If them they, them fit put some nonsense songs put the group isnide like ibi me wey I write the songs. And I don’t want that dent to be on my name, so I’ve sacked them.

Shatta Wale sacked SM Militants
Image Credit (Jay Brolin), SM Militants

Moreover, one thing that he found puzzling was the alleged dumb nature of the members of the group.

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Secondly, he also mentioned that because they are not creative, they are unable to do quality songs for the fans to enjoy. According to Shatta Wale, if the Militants had that creativity to write good songs, the fans would have supported and they would have made money.

Shatta Wale hits at his Militants

“Captan you shaa, Natty Lee you shaa, Joint 77 you shaaa. At least make you people do songs make the fans some support the song, you go fit make money out of it, but boys no dey understand”.

Meanwhile, touching on the various individuals in the group, Shatta Wale blasted them one by one.

“Addi Self dey fit gang up, then you wey you no go fit write the, if they give you beat, you no go fit enter. Then you turn and gang up saying one Don dey fan fool you.

Shatta Wale and his Militants released a lot of hit songs like “Thunder Fire” We taking Over” .


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