Shatta Wale sacked JOINT 77 for lying to him.

In recent times, there seems to be a fall out between Shatta Wale and his militants. Amidst all the brouhaha, Shatta Wale says he sacked Joint 77 for lying to him.

Speaking on Accra based Hitz FM, today, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, Shatta Wale revealed that Joint 77 was ungrateful and a liar. Explaining in details, he chronicled to Andy Dosty the details of the entire saga.

According to Shatta Wale, around 12 pm, Joint 77 came for one of the awards from Addi Self. He went under the guise of going to use it for a photoshoot. Shatta Wale thus was surprised to hear that because Bull Dog, their manager had made some observations.

Joint 77 sacked for lying to Shatta Wale.
Joint 77, former member of SM Movement

According to Bull Dog, he had apparently seen Joint 77 at the American Embassy. It was based on this that Bull Dog assailed the ears of Shatta Wale.

“So I was around when Addi Self informed me that yesterday, around 12pm, Joint 77 had come for one of the awards. Well, I didn’t bother because my awards are often with my fans and boys. However, what surprised me was that He had told him he was using for a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Bull Dog too had seen him at the American embassy, as a result, he alerted me about it “.

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Shatta Wale sacks Joint 77 for lying to him and the entire SM Group

Moreover, Shatta Wale stated that he was surprised because he had to lie to his own brother, Adddi. In his bid to find out the truth, he called Joint 77, but Joint was evasive over the matter. In addition to this, he also could not tell the exact truth, as he gave a different narration from what he told Bull Dog.

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“So I asked Bull Dog to call him. When he did, he asked Joint where he was this afternoon. Joint told him that he was around. Joint didn’t know that the three of us were standing at the same place. So Joint told Bull Dog that he had gone to accompany his mother at the embassy. Bull Dog went further to question him as to why he had the award in his possession. Joint told Bull Dog that his sister had sent them an invite and they were going to do a follow-up. Meanwhile, he had told Joint a different thing” Shatta added.

Furthermore, what really hurts Shatta Wale about the situation was that he feels Joint 77 was ungrateful. He recounted that out of pity, he bought a car for Joint 77, but when his sister had sent him an invite he selfishly went behind, lied to get an award just to convince the embassy.

Just last year, Charles Nii Armah junior exploded on social media, stating he had cut the militants off the SM family.

Watch the full interview


REVEALED — Shatta Wale breaks silence on why he sacked Joint 77. #DaybreakHitz

Posted by HITZ 103.9 FM on Wednesday, June 10, 2020



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