Socrates Sarfo admonishes Salma Mumin to stop advertising herself like a prostitute

Veteran film director and producer, Mr Socrates Sarfo has admonished Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin who has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately to stop advertising herself like a prostitute.

Socrates Salma Mumin prostitute
Beautiful Salma Mumin, Ghanaian actress.

His advice comes on the heels of recent comments made by the actress that she is not a prostitute. He made this known while appearing as a guest on the Entertainment Review Show on Accra based Peace FM.

Two (2) years ago, actress Salma Mumin apologised to her friends and loved ones over a nude picture she posted on her Instagram on the said Friday when she celebrated her birthday. Her picture after going viral incurred the wrath of her fans and friends who thought even though the concept might seem creative, the outcome was in bad taste.

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The picture which has been removed from her page caused a lot of backlash with many of her fans asking her to remove the picture.

Socrates Sarfo, Ghanaian film Director and Producer

She posted her apology today saying that she didn’t mean to cause any harm. The actress said that the picture was supposed to be harmless as she was fully clothed beneath the melon and the picture itself went through a lot of Photoshop editing.

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Read her post below:

Friday was like a movie! AND I APOLOGIZE FOR MY WATERMELON ???? PHOTO! It was supposed to be a harmless photo as I was fully clothed in the TUB ???? lot of Photoshop was done on editing bench. Wasn’t my intention to DISAPPOINT my loved ones out here. I sincerely ask for y’all forgiveness. Many thanks to all who showed me love ???? those I replied and those I wasn’t able to reply. It was such a busy day I couldn’t reply to everyone but still on it. Really appreciate y’all ????


It will be recalled that on Friday 14th December, actress Salma Mumin decided to celebrate her birthday with a photoshoot. She shared an image of herself in a bathtub filled with watermelons and captioned it

“On this day a queen was born in a bathtub full of watermelons.

Happy birthday to me.”

However, two years down the lane, it seems some sections of Ghanaians including Socrates Sarfo still see Salma Mumin as a prostitute. In view of this, she warned the general public to refrain from calling her a prostitute or associating her with the prostitution business.

Interestingly, Socrates Sarfo believes till she (Salma Mumin) stops taking nude pictures as she did two years ago, albeit she apologized she will continually be viewed as a prostitute.

He further added that Salma is very beautiful with all the physical qualities that every responsible desire in a woman, however, until she quits taking nude pictures, people would see her as a prostitute because that is how prostitutes advertise or market themselves.

“You’re a beautiful lady and there are a lot of decent young men out there who are after you. They see your nice beautiful curves and how beautiful you look and how industrious you are .. but if you involve yourself with those things like the watermelon pictures and showing your naked buttocks, those private things, people feel you’re selling yourself because that’s what the prostitutes now do… That is how the prostitutes advertise themselves”.

Socrates Sarfo is known for his controversial film, “Hot Fork” which became a talking point in Ghana.


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