The clash between Mzbel and Tracy Boakye is very normal- Counsellor Lutterodt

Entertainment critic and Reverend Minister, Counsellor George Lutterodt has revealed that the fight between Tracy Boakye and Mzbel is very normal, hence no one should be bothered about it.

A few days ago, musician Mzbel and her compatriot celebrity in the acting field, Tracy Boakye, had gone at each other in all sorts of vulgarity on social media site, Instagram. In a counter video live on Instagram both Tracy and Mzbel threw shots at each other. Their over 18 rated tantrums had gone far as they made cynical comments concerning their genitalia.

However, in an interview with Counsellor Lutterodt on Peace FM earlier today, he alleged that these videos are a testament of what he has been saying often which had been misconstrued by the Ghanaian populace and that he is not surprised the duo, Mzbel and Tracy Boakye are at each other’s throat. He intimated that a comment made by Tracy, describing any female that has not been duly married and is sleeping with a man was a prostitute commenced this feud.

Mzbel and Tracy Boakye being fired by counselor lutterodt
Musician, Mzbel

“A week ago, Tracy made a profound statement that any woman who sleeps with a man before being married is a prostitute. This was the genesis of the beef. You would recall that she once said that sometimes she assist poor women to get themselves partners who would support them”.

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According to Counsellor Lutterodt, she was not wrong in making that particular statement.

In addition, she said that if such a relationship results in marriage then she has done her bid in a good deed. This was not outrightly wrong looking at the definition of a pimp as someone who hooks women up to gain favours, and we have a lot in the entertainment and media industry” he added

He further went on to describe allegedly, the five types of women that existed in the world. He said that the first was a duly wedded wife, the second was a sex mate, the third, a girlfriend, the fourth being a baby mama and the last, side chick.

There are 5 categories of women in the life of every man. The first is the duly married woman, who is a member of the opposite sex and has the right to represent the man wherever he is. The second is a sex mate, who exploits her body in exchange for money by sleeping with a man, she is similar to a prostitute. The third category is a girlfriend, who is a female friend and has no sexual intercourse with a man. The fourth is a baby mama, who got pregnant out of wedlock and has still not being married. However, the final is side chick, who only sleeps with married men”.

Counsellor Lutterodt mentioned that these two women, Tracy Boakye and Mzbel have no moral right to brand each other as any of the above because they have all graduated from one stage to the other. They had absolutely no right to reveal their trade secret. For if two prostitutes go on prostitution hunt and one fares well, the other needs not complain.

Actress, Tracy Boakye

“These two women, Tracy Boakye and Mzbel have graduated from each of the types of these 5 women into the other, so they had no moral right to reveal their trade secret. If there are two prostitutes who go out to engage in their work, the most successful or less successful has no right to complain against each other. They all gave birth out of wedlock and as Counsellor Lutterodt I believe this is shameful conduct and they must bow in shame”.

He, therefore, made it clear that it is normal, for the genitalia of a woman is a tool for fighting poverty. But, his major concern is that the married man behind such a game should not be included in such a fight.


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