Twitter users celebrate South-Korean actor, Lee Min Ho on his birthday.

One of South Korea’s finest and handsome actors, Lee Min Ho, seems to have a way in the hearts of his fans (females) even without his knowledge. Surfing on twitter, one may notice how Lee Min Ho is trending all over the place. In simple terms, Twitter fans seem to celebrate the South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho on his birthday.

Lee Min Ho celebrates his 33rd birthday today June 22 and his female fans on Twitter have turned the entire platform red with love. However, even though a section of fans are highly elated about the South Korean some male fans are simply not enthused about the whole situation.

For instance, one fan on Twitter draws a sharp comparison between how his partner celebrated him during his birthday vis a vis that of Lee Min Ho. In the tweet, one cannot help but feel empathy for the “jealous lover”.

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According to the Tweet, a certain Irunnia is being pressured by his girlfriend to take her out. However, when Lee’s birthday was due, she was so romantic and courteous.

Female Fans mad in love with Lee Min Ho as males get jealous over special birthday wishes

Lee Min Ho celebrated on his birthday on twitter
(Left) Lee Min Ho in action with Jung Eung- chase(Right)

“Happy Birthday to my evergreen hero, idol, my inspirational hero. Thank you for the entertainment, the drama, romance, the comedy. I wish you another year of success and glory to you, and it’s because of your sincere efforts”.

Furthermore, she goes on to admire his looks, his mannerisms and nuances, but most importantly his gesture, which no one is really privy to especially off-camera when he is in his private moments.

Additionally, some female fans have started asking for donations for them to be sponsored so they could meet Lee. Meanwhile, some guys are not having it easy on their girlfriends because of Lee.

However, on the brighter side of life, some are using his fame and love to boost their sales. Interestingly, one tweet seems to be selling some of the favourite footwear of Lee Min Ho.

Moreover, apart from his television career, Lee featured in the first lead role in the film Gangnam Blues (2015). Similarly, this was followed by his first China-produced film Bounty Hunters in  (2016).

He made about US$31 million and the mini-romance-web-series Line Romance (2014), earned him US$20 million. In his acting career, Lee has been successful in experimenting with various genres such as romance, comedy, action, fantasy and science-fiction dramas.


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