Unedited: A Letter To The Editor; Broken Heart. The Story Of A Carpenter In Love.

Life, they say is like a stage, we all play our roles. In playing our roles, we meet several characters. There are some of them that we fall in love with; others make us smile, but some wet our cheeks with tears. Well, my last words sound like a man in pain. Yes! I wish I could change my life so I wouldn’t have to admit that I am a victim of “broken heart”.

One thing I never imagined and dreamt of was whether I would be writing to obcommunication.com. Of course, I have never been through such malignant pain as this. Moreover, I’m sure this may be the last time I may be writing to the world about “broken heart”.

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this letter to the world. I am Benjamin Adusei*. (As part of our editorial policy, we have changed name). Education was never my priority growing up. However, my father ensured we had the best of education. It all started when I met Bernice at church. Even though I am not much into education, I never joked with my trade, a proud tailor.

Bernice is a trader at Kaneshie market. If you talk of one of the beautiful women who sold fish at the market, Bernice wouldn’t be left out. She is quite popular and I know if I give too much description you would easily identify her. Anyway, enough of the descriptions.

As I earlier stated, I met Bernice at church. For the sake of the things I am about to reveal in this letter, I can’t mention the name of the church. So one Sunday morning before the Covid era, I gathered courage and approached Bernice. Obviously, she looked nobler than any of her colleagues.

Broken Heart commences at the Church

Maybe, I was blinded by love, but at least she looked like a modest lady. She wasn’t bad with communication. I took her number and we started communicating. For almost five months as friends, she never took a dime from me. Even in our first year as friends, she rejected my Christmas gift.

This convinced me that she was the one for me. No doubt about that, I was fully convinced. Straight 8 months along the line, I gathered courage and proposed to her. In fact, it took another three months to accept my proposal. As a man, I felt that Bernice should have let me taste the sweet apple, but she always declined. Her favourite scripture she quoted every time I tried to put her in the mood for sex was “flee from fornication”.

Nothing bothered me about her self righteous attitude was how she spoke to her father, whom I was scheduled to meet a few weeks before the lockdown occurred. She spoke with such venom and disdain about her daddy. Her mum had kicked the bucket when she was ten years old.

A few months ago, I really invested in her business. I took a loan facility and started a cold store project for her. Her industrious nature made the business strong. Within some few weeks, she had gained three contracts, supplying fish and meat to some basic schools in the vicinity.

Blind love can kill easily

I applauded her for such industriousness. Unfortunately, she lost her dad so I had to take care of the funeral at the expense of my mum’s ill health. This was one of the foolish things I regret doing till date. After the burial, I was drained, I struggled to service the loan I took.

One day, I called her as usual and asked her to help me service the loan I took from the financial institution. She told me straight to the face that she had no money and that she had spent all her profit on the funeral as well. I was taken aback because I knew I practically took care of everything. So I was surprised she made that statement.

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Days went past and I realized she was changing. She hardly returned my calls. She hardly visited because she said she had to put in extra hours to make money to help me. Gradually, my mother also fell seriously ill. I asked for fifty cedis from her to aid me to take my mother to the hospital.

My finances had dried up because I spent it on her. Clients needed their garments, which I couldn’t complete because I was running errands for the funeral. My woes have increased. The situation was getting very critical, yet Bernice had turned her back on me. She called my mother twice at the hospital and never visited her.

Usually, we would have met at church, but all I realized was that she had changed her church. She was inactive and irregular. That was when I should have known I was heading for the road of broken heart.

A good friend sticks closer than a brother

Unfortunately, when the lockdown was instituted, she told me she would travel because she can’t sit idle. I felt happy that at least even though even love was fading, she remembered she had no one but me.

Nana Yaw came in handy as he always gave me fill in as to what going on. He suspected her activities upon seeing her with one of the young headteachers who also doubled as a client. Nana Yaw had one confessed he had seen her with the customer in an uncompromising situation, but I never believed. Lots of people gave me bad reports, but I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

Finally, the lockdown was lifted. Throughout the lockdown period, I only had two calls from her. The rest, I did the calling. I figured something was wrong. One day, the headteacher had called Nana Yaw to come work on one of his sinks.

To Nana Yaw’s utter surprise, he said he saw my pretty Bernice in a nightgown coming from the room of his client. Nana indicated to me that he was surprised and tried to initiate a conversation with Bernice who didn’t know Nana Yaw.

Marriage pops up at last, My heart is broken for life.

According to Nana Yaw, he said he recorded her secretly just to get a confirmation. So when the client came, Nana said they kissed her in front of him, but she looked shy. Her new love assured her that she is safe, for Nana is just a hardworking drunk. Nana said he felt humiliated and angry, but he wanted more evidence.

In his bid to know more about the relationship, he raised a marriage conversation. He asked my rival when he was going to marry her. He replied that after the end of the corona or end of this year, they are going to get married.

Interestingly, because she had lost her parents, marrying her was very easy. Nana Yaw had served me with all the evidence I needed. One fine morning, I followed the direction to her new home since she had evacuated her old place. I knocked on the door, and she came out only in a cloth wrapped around her chest.

She was shocked to see me, but I was shocked because she had taken God and myself for granted. She beckoned me to leave, and I just couldn’t believe i left peacefully.

I got home safely and all that came to mind was to commit suicide. I had spent all my fortunes on a demon. Life was so bitter. My mother was right, but it was too late. The harm had been done.

Help a brother; It could be you next time

For two weeks now, I have been contemplating suicide. I don’t know whether I can live with this pain. If you reading this letter, your advice will be needed, else, pictures of my dead body will be in the newspaper. It is not easy to suffer from a broken heart.

Thank you.

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