“You are on your own” Reminds me of my boo – Former Miss Malaika contestant

Former Miss Malaika contestant and radio/TV presenter, Caroline Sampson has painted a sordid picture of how her baby’s father allegedly abandoned her, after she got pregnant for him at the age of 27 years. However, as a result of that emotional roller coaster and turmoil, anytime she hears” YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN” it reminds her of former boyfriend. She made this revelation on the Hitz Day Break Show.

She recounted the whole sequence leading to her pregnancy and how unsupportive her former boyfriend has been ever since he impregnated her when she was at the University. She talks of her numerous encounters with medical doctors and hospitals only to find out that she was pregnant for her baby daddy, who is alleged to have eventually neglected his duty as the father of the child. However, after a long tussle about the decision whether to keep the baby or not, her baby daddy, ditched her and left her broken hear-ted with these words

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”YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN”. According to Caroline, till date anytime she hears that statement, thoughts of her baby daddy sublimely runs through her mind.

“After we disagreed, he said” YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN” and so anytime I hear someone say “YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN” I actually think about him because that was the last thing he said to me before leaving me”.

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Caroline went into oblivion in the entertainment industry as a result of some personal difficulties she faced over these past years. She was once a Miss Malaika pageant and known for the remake of Asem’s Pigallow.



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