You must be ready to pay DJs payola as a musician, they are very important – Ball J

Ghanaian musician, Ball J has made an interesting revelation; stating DJs are the most important persons. According to Ball J, when it comes to the Ghanaian music industry, the DJs plays a vital role in the music business.

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Chronicling his musical journey, he mentioned that he believed in HipHop as a music genre. Especially after doing HipHop music for a while, he realized because he had less engagement with DJ’s his music didn’t blossom as expected.

“I barely pushed my songs, since 2007 right till date, but because I didn’t pay DJ’s my music couldn’t really fly. I think I focused too much on the production aspect because I was making money from the productions of beats”.

Interestingly, Ball J now believes and indicates he is ready to heighten friendships with DJ’s and do the needful.

“I have now been signed on Platinum Management and we are preparing to come out with songs. In fact, this time, I am ready to give tips to DJs and other stakeholders in the music industry. Therefore, we are now determined to make such payments so that our music can fly”.

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Speaking on Accra based radio station, Okay Fm, Ball J told host, that a Dj plays a very important role in the life of a musician.

Ball J encourages musicians to get closer to DJs

As a result, he thus encouraged that all musicians should never underestimate the efforts of DJs. They must however make DJ’s their best friends because they play a plethora of roles after the songs are released.

Ball J claims artistes must have close ties with Djs because they are important.
Ball J, Ghanaian rapper

“In Ghana, the most important person in the music business is the DJ. Without the DJ, you are not going anywhere; whether it is on radio or online, it is the DJs who would play your songs”.

“They are the ones with the followers, they can make and unmake your songs because they are the ones who are going to play it on air. If you refuse to create a good rapport with a DJ as a musician, then your songs are not going to make it. So I would say a Dj must be the best friend of every artiste” he said in Akan.

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Albert Ayeh-Hanson, known as Ball J in the music circles recently threw shots at Sarkodie after the latter released “Subzero”. A song many believed was a diss song to him and Asem.


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