A note from Dave 3

In today’s episode, young poet Dave gropes about the pain in love. Do you share same feelings of her “Queen’s Slave?”

The Queen’s Slavery

My Queen departed
From the twitch of the sun
Captivated in a condemned vacuum
Response from an inanimate creature
Welcomed by the starring of an inactive gun

Pain rippled in her heart
Was no iota of joy
Luxurious excitements were provided
In her court yard
Torture, pain and harassment
Is what was granted in
Her condemned vacuum

Maidens being valued,love and respected
In her court yard
But incoherent pain
Result in her honest flow
Of blood that gush out
Of her body

Bodies disposed off
Due to an incomprehensible
Painful and unfairness act
Echoes of pain spit out the pain
My Queen departed
Solely into slavery


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