“A note to my sweet poison” Foiled Plan EP.6

RECAP E.P 5: Sometimes in life, we may have our plans but they may not materialize and that is what I call a foiled plan. James is in a very big trouble as no one seems to know his whereabouts. The news of his death spread around the village like wild fire.

Baba and his friend Yaw Scorpion seem to have some conspiracy theories going on. No one knows what is up their sleeves till they were being interrogated.

On the other hand, Angelina and Jason had employed a P.I to dig into the issue, since they fear the police may not be up to task.

Foiled Plan in the cell

“Baba, you are in charge of the stranger’s cell”. Baba nods in agreement. So where were you when the fire started?” she poses. Well, I was in the bush shitting when the fire started. The distance between the bush and the cell is about 1000 metres away. This certainly calls for more questioning.

Baba seems not to be comfortable with the line of questions. For instance, he was asked how many minutes he spent there and the time he saw the smoke. His answers were inconsistent after having earlier claimed that he didn’t see the time the fire started but the saw the smoke as it started.

This was a big fat lie, because it would be difficult for someone at that part of the bush to see the exact location of the smoke, and this was the angle Awo Frema explored. His incessant lies and inconsistencies were far to much, hence she directed he is separated.

Even though, Yaw Scorpion had not been asked any question, he was shivering. He shouted “I will speak the truth”. All ears were attentive just to listen to what he would say.

He started by saying that he was asleep when the incident started. Yaw Scorpion, whom all knew was lying sounded very unconvincing in the least. His mannerisms gave him away that he indeed had something to hide.

His eyes revealed a lot about him, but he still denied having anything to do with the death of James, the stranger whom all knew was a money bag, because the police were looking for him.

Agya Awotwe was delighted with the way the interrogations went, but Awo Frema wasn’t. All she had to do was to recommend that the two be put behind bars. The decision to put these two behind bars generated a heated argument, which led others into calling the chief weak.

Agya Awotwe made this mistake and the chief finally cleared his throat after watching proceedings go on for all this while. He ordered Agya Awotwe to be incarcerated for denting the image of the stool and his personality by referring to him as weak.

In addition to this punishment, the chief found Yaw Scorpion and Baba guilty of murder. Per the rules of the village, such ones were to be ex communicated. Of course, that would be good news for the duo especially knowing what they had done. But, that would also have been the least of a foiled plan.

However, Awo Frema’s father did not drive them away. Rather, he sent them to the local traditional cells as they were going to be kept there.

Beginning of the truth.

Mean while, back in the bustling city, the P.I was also on his quest. He managed to get the details of the lady in question. The lady was far off from town. This suggested that Jason’s father, a revered reverend minister had imported a lady to his home, but what could that mean to the case.

The P.I set up a meeting and had revealed that alleged accomplice of James, a woman is far away from town. However, before he goes after her to find out what was going on, he would need to find out more about the girl.

Jason, looking so elated was quite sure that this was a plan that cannot be foiled. He was so meticulous with the way he handled the issue that the P.I felt he was making headway.

Knowing how P.I’s really work hard, he was able to trace one of the close friends and former boy friends of the lady in question. The entire plan was to get as much as accurate information possible to nail the case for good.

The whole idea behind this was to find enough compelling evidence that would tie James to the murder. In view of that as a form of revenge, Jason sped up his relationship with Angelina. Although he was careful with her most of the times, he finally won her heart.

Losing a possession

Jason had spent most of his time with Angelina, and they had gotten used to each other. Just one on of the cozy evenings, Jason had bought Angelina’s favorite chocolate brand, OB Chocks.

She was overwhelmed by the surprise that she lost her guard and went deeper than she ought to be even if her ex or complicated relationship sucked like the droppings of birds. Gradually, the first night came and Jason put her back down and that was the beginning of the end of the relationship with James.

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One thing that surprised most people was the fact that she had proven not to be reliable, trust worthy and unstable. This subjected her to undertone gossip and ridicule as she was judged to be indecisive, making decisions based on her emotions.

The surprise moment of the greatest foiled plan

Later in the evening at the village, the chief and his other elders without the presence of Agya Awotwe who had slandered the chief called out these two men again. Of course their proposed plan which was known to only both of them was about to be foiled.

Awo Frema ensured that they were put in separate cells. Yaw Scorpion who seemed to be the weakest link was called to face the chief and the elders. This time, the chief spoke.

“Yaw, you have served me for so many years, I don’t think you would allow what is about to happen to happen to you”. Yaw Scorpion looked scared, unable to talk.

“Yaw, Baba has confessed what you both planned to do. If you would also confess, I would free you and let you go scott free. The ball is in your court.” the chief retorted.

All the elders seemed to look at him in silence as he admits that a scheme had been hatched.

He told the elders that Agya Awotwe had contacted them and paid them thousand cedis upfront. Agya Awotwe had therefore promised that after he retrieves the money he would give them an extra three thousand cedis in addition.

The elders together with the Chief and Awo Frema were all dumb founded. The Chief inquired more about the situation, and Yaw Scorpion made it known that his part was to bring him out and help him escape without the knowledge of anyone and Baba, who had also been contacted by Nana Antobre, a close relative of the farmer, who was also at the council meeting .

Nana Antobre, who was believed to be the right hand man of the chief had committed such a crime. He had conspired with Baba to get James burnt in the fire.

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What surprised them was that they found a body in that particular cell and they all believed it was that of James. Yaw Scorpion revealed that to make it believable, they had to open up the farmer’s cell door and made it look like the farmer had rather ran away, serving as a decoy for them to run away with James to another hiding place.

It was obvious Yaw Scorpion had no idea about the next part of the plan. Quickly, they matched him to the cell of Baba and when they got there…..



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