Acting Director of UCC Public Affairs states Management’s position on ATL and Oguaa Hall bloody clash.

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The Acting Director of the Public Affairs of the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Kwabena Antwi -Konadu has stated clearly the position of Management of the university on the recent brawl between Atlantic Hall and Oguaa Hall last Saturday.

In an interview on the Atlantic Wave morning show on ATL FM, Monday 24th February 2020, Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu said that the management of the university has not tagged or ascribed blame to any person or some specific halls.

He added that management of the university has left everything in charge of the security services and has released a press statement to that effect since it is their duty to look into the crime issues.

“On behalf of the university management i spoke on this issue. The university has released a press statement and so if anybody starts to run a commentary that the university has blamed one hall or the other, I don’t know where this is coming from. The university is mindful that the Ghana Police Service is in charge and investigating and it will be wrong for the university to start naming people that are speculated of having caused this, that will be irresponsible to say the least. The official statement even didn’t mention which hall got destroyed”.

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He further added that one of the challenges about such situations, is when people take some entrenched stance because of some sort of affiliation to some of these groups and this mars the entire process since the university is burnt on solving such situations.

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“It is one of the challenges that when criminal things happen, people take positions and unnecessary support and affiliations to some of these groups and by the time you finish everything is destroyed. Trust me, the university is burnt on solving such situations”.

Mr. Kwabena Antwi Konadu further stated some of the benefits of the Hall Week celebrations in the University of Cape Coast stating the number of activities and the fact that alumni uses some of these platforms to support these halls and the university at large, something the UCC alumni does perfectly.

The current brawl that occurred last Saturday, 22nd February, 2020 is one of the few anomalies that occur as a result of factionalism and the claim for supremacy among the various halls.


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