Alleged “NDC weed” Pastor reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana.

Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei, who gained prominence overnight for allegedly threatening to kill current EC boss, has been arrested. The vociferous “NDC weed” pastor was arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana when the police raided his live coded tv production.

However, in a televised video on social media, Sunday, Apostle Owusu was ranting in that video threatening to kill Jean Mensa, EC Boss, if she doesn’t halt her decision to compile a new voters’ register for the upcoming polls.

“NDC weed” Pastor arrested for marijuana goes on a blood flow spree threat

Furthermore, in that same video, the self-acclaimed Pastor was also playing along the poisonous tribal narrative of Akyems being “mafias”. In his statement, he mentioned that unlike June 4 where military blood flowed, that of Akyem blood will rather flow this time.

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“Let me tell them (Akyems) something, on June 4 people were crying let the blood flow, it was only military people whose blood flowed… Today as I hear the let the blood flow, it is the blood of the Akyem Mafia that will flow… I saw Akyem Kyebi palace, I saw it on fire and people were saying let the blood flow” he stated.

NDC weed pastor arrested for weed possession
Prophet Owusu in possession of a substance believed to be marijuana or weed

In addition to these rants, he further went on to cast insinuations on the EC Boss, claiming she is going to die by 12 at midday.

“I’m telling Jean Mensa today… If Jean Mensa thinks she was not born of a woman but came from some other angle, she should go ahead and do the new register. She will die 12 midday. She will die just like that. Nonsense! Idiot! You’re an idiot Jean Mensa… Stupid Akufo-Addo girl”.

Indian Hemp

However, in another video, he was seen in an office where he was taken to after the arrest. The Prophet in handcuff was seen holding a substance suspected to be Indian Hemp wrapped in a brown paper and being search thoroughly by the security personnel.

Watch video of the Pastor carrying a substance suspected to be weed.



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