C/R Minister, Kwamena Duncan angry at some residents of Moree for refusing to cooperate with Covid-19 contact tracers.

The fight against the fast spreading Covid-19 has taken a different turn, with some residents of Moree, a suburb of the Central Region leading to the anger of Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan.

For sometime now, some parts of the Central region have opposed efforts made from stakeholders like the Ghana Health Service in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

Some residents of Moree, one of the fishing communities in the Central Region have however become stumbling blocks to contact contract tracers and won’t even allow those who have tested positive to even quarantine themselves.

Kwamena Duncan angry with Moree youth pver Covid-19 refusal to allow contact tracing team work effectively.
Youth clash with GHS Covid-19 team members over use of Moree Senior High Technical School as Quarantine Center

Speaking at the launch of the fumigation exercise against Covid-19 at the Central Region’s Police Headquarters, the Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan bemoaned the rate of apathy that has characterized the actions of some of the youth in the Moree community.

He revealed that these young men have refused to allow the contact tracers into their areas in order for them to do their jobs effectively.

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Even with those who have been identified as a confirmed cases are refusing to be quarantined and would walk around in the community endangering other lives who risk being infected.

“It is sad that those in Moree who have been contact traced is difficult getting them to put them in a quarantine area. Unfortunately for the entire town, you have individuals who rise up in their support” he stated.

He also added that some of these young men have also stood vehemently against the team and even the security to permit them from entering the community to do their job.

“They are not ready to be placed on quarantine and you have young men who are not ready to allow the contact tracers and even the security to do their job. This is a real difficulty for us as stakeholders” he bemoaned.

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Mr. Kwamena Duncan therefore has decided to engage community leaders and opinion leaders so they aid him to educate the residents on the need to allow them do their job, and also to get quarantined since some may be potential carriers.

The disinfection is scheduled to take place within a four day period, where Police facilities in the region would be disinfected.

Mr. Kwamena Duncan spoke at the launch of the disinfection exercise that would be carried out by Waste Management Company, Zoomlion.

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