Coronavirus update: This is not the time to score political points – Dep. Health Minister.

The Deputy Health Minister, Mr. Alex Abban has cautioned some reps of political parties in a gathering at Accra to desist from using the Covid – 19 pandemic to score cheap political points especially as the Health ministry is completely helpless regarding the recent pandemic that has affected Ghana.

At a gathering today in Accra with some top ranking political parties in the country, the Dep. Health Minister has called for solidarity along party lines to aid in the fight against the global pandemic, coronavirus.

Meanwhile, at the briefing, Mr. Alex Abban explained the need to come together to fight this “war” against the invisible enemy, COVID – 19. He therefore urged all the parties to desist from scoring cheap political points as others have started doing claiming the government has deliberately imported the coronavirus into the country.

“Well, there are some people who are actually going round the country saying that the president has imported some diseases including the covid – 19 into the country. These people even went ahead to insult the president in addition. The business of governance is over a people, so if you kill your people how are you going to do governance? he quizzed.

He further went on to explain how vulnerable the world in general is, regardless of the sophistication that exists especially as they are fighting a common invisible enemy, covid – 19 .

It was against this background that he called on the political party reps from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), People’s National Congress (PNC), Convention People’s Party (CPP) and other parties to join forces together so they enable the government to win the war against the deadly virus and main enemy of the people of Ghana.

“In fact we are completely helpless. We should now know that when we are going to war, what we require is unity of purpose. For now, every political party will now have to go into the armory and put on all our equipment, armory and accouterments that we can get. If we start doing the internal bickering and assume it is business as usual, before we realize, we will be overtaken by events. This is not the time for us to score political capital out of a very serious situation. The situation is very precarious ” he stated.

Ghana’s confirmed Covid-19 cases is now in triple digits, with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) confirming the tally is at 132.

With regards to contact tracing, a total of 970 contacts have been identified so far and are being tracked. According to the Ghana Health Service, 204 have completed the 14 days mandatory follow up.


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