COVID-19: 4 new set of corpses to be buried soon in Cape Coast.- CCMA

The Environmental Health Officer of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly, Mr Iddris Shanni has revealed that very soon there is going to be a burial service for 4 new set of Covid-19 corpses in Cape Coast.

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the pandemics that is slowly claiming lives. About 12 persons have reportedly died in Cape Coast. Just last week, about 4 persons were buried by the Environmental Health section of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA).

Speaking in an interview on ATL FM and monitored by, he told host, Onesiphorus Obuobi that last week, four persons were buried, leaving 8 more Covid-19 related corpses to be buried.

According to the laws of the state, when a person dies of infectious disease, the state or the Metropolitan, District or Municipal assembly takes care of the burial and funeral rites in collaboration with the family.

“We have recorded twelve (12) cases of Covid-19 mortality, out of which four (4) were buried last week. However, we are intended to continue with the rest soon” he said.

He went further to dispel the myths that Covid-19 is fictitious and that it affects only the rich and the aged. He further indicated that with the deaths, the highest age among them was 70 and the lowest was 27 years.

Covid-19 burial of 4 corpses set to be done in Cape Coast
Environmental Health Officers burying a Covid-19 corpse

“If you look at the mortality, it cuts across gender. There are some people who think that the infection is limited to old age and the rich, but if you look at the ages of those who have died it cuts across. There are some who are young, about 27 years and those who are old about 70 years; both males and females. It is not limited to any particular age group, where you will think that it is among the elderly or among the young. The majority are in the middle age group. If you look at 27 years among the age group, it means that we all have to be careful” he added.

The Process of burial of four Covid-19 corpses in Cape Coast

Pursuant to the laws of the nation, persons who die are buried by the state as indicated by Mr Shaani He also said that if the burial is left in the hands of the family members, it could result in the transmission of the disease. According to Mr Shanni, there is a collaboration between the family and the Assembly since this is not the cultural and accepted norm when it comes to the organization of a burial service in the various communities in Ghana.

“Immediately the person comes into the health centre, and he is diagnosed as such, there are restrictions. The family cannot walk into the treatment centre. Even those administering the care, you see the sort of protection they have to give themselves before they enter the facility. So that means the family will have no access from there. Then throughout if the person is not successful and he or she passes away, those same restrictions apply”.

He also revealed that if a person dies from the centre, it is the same authorities that would make arrangements for the body to be deposited at the morgue. After that, the Assembly then proceeds to discuss the burial process together with the family keeping in mind the protocols.

“You have to carry the family on the same page so that it doesn’t become you against the family. You have to explain to them why you are doing so so that they don’t feel let out. It is both in the interest of the family and the community at large and the officers who are going to attend to the body”.

He also added that the bodies have been grouped into three. The first part which comprises of four bodies has been buried already. The remaining 8 will be divided into two, with the second four (4) set to be buried soon and the last batch, which would be buried later.


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