Davido begins Christmas on a philanthropic note.

Nigerian superstar, Davido, has been linked to a philanthropic act that occurred in front of his house, as a video circulating online shows scores of people being giving money right in front of his building.

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Critically watching the video, it is quite evident that Davido, himself was not part of the money parting crew, but it has been alleged and assumed that some of his crew members were involved so probably it was under the tutelage of the “IF” crooner.

Interestingly, In the video, some of the fans who were beneficiaries of the good deed from his team were heard chanting out his popular term “O.B.O” which means ‘Omo Baba Olowo or Son of a rich man.’

Recently, newly Christian convert and multiple award winning rap musician, Kanye West, sampled his hit song, “IF” into a gospel song that was sang at his new church.


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