Gynaecologist addresses issues of menstrual and vaginal hygiene

Dr. John Kwamina Bosomtwe has addressed issues concerning menstruation and related vaginal issues.


Doctor Kwamina, who is also the doctor for Touching The Lives of Girls Foundation International, (TTLGFI) a non-governmental organization, addressed the issue during a gathering with some teenage girls in Obuasi Senior High Technical School on Friday 28th May 2021, a day marked as World Menstrual Hygiene Day.


He cautioned against the use of hand sanitisers to disinfect the vagina as it could harm the virgins by causing irritations. According to him, hand sanitisers contains strong chemicals that are not favourable to the health of the vagina as the vagina is very sensitive to these chemicals.


The Doctor also advised the girls to avoid using any chemical substance to wash the vagina not only during menstruation but even on days that they are not menstruating. He directed the girls to wash their vagina with clean warm water from their vagina towards the anus area and not vice versa, in other to avoid the transfer of bacteria to the vagina.


He also advised them to change their pads regularly to avoid any infection that may cause harm to the vagina.


During the meeting, Nana Ama Adutwumwaa, president of the TTLGFI addressed the myths surrounding menstruation. She says that these myths, that make menstruation be seen as ‘impure’ has negative impacts on females.


This, she explains, is because these myths make these girls hesitant about discussing with anyone about any menstrual problems that they may be facing and some of these girls have to stay out of school during their cycle because of such problems, something that negatively affects their academic performance in school.


She made a call to action that every member of the community should play a significant role by creating platforms that will enable girls to openly express their concerns about menstruation and its related issues.



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