Just give me contracts, case closed – Kennedy Agyapong pleads with government

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong, has called out to the party big whips of the New Patriotic Party to give him contracts.

In recent times, the controversial legislator, Kennedy Agyapong has been on the throat of his own party hurling insults at some top-ranking members in the party hierarchy for using him and also making efforts to tarnish his image.

At a recent political campaign, Kennedy Agyapong was quite emotional when he addressed some members in his constituency. At the event, the MP alleged that he had been used and dumped by some top hierarchy of the party and as a result, he was ready to quit politics.

“The way NPP has used me when they were done, they separated themselves and allowed all the disgrace to come on me. I am opening up today to you people, you can record and play to them. If I observe how I have lived my life and the way the NPP wants to treat me, I am calling it quits…I won’t stand again,” he insisted.

However, he also bemoaned some of the reasons why he was being treated as such. According to him, some party officials are under the impression that he is harnessing presidential ambitions, hence his outburst.

“They are saying I want to become president, me Kennedy Agyapong. There are some leaders in the NPP, especially those who are interested in the presidency, they go about gossiping and lying. That is why I say I will not speak again”.

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Although the situation seems quite difficult, the maverick lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong just wants contracts so he could open more industries and companies since he has no ambition of nursing presidential hopes.  

Kennedy Agyapong contracts
Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP Assin Central

“Just give me work so I can make some cash and open industries. If you know the industries I am putting up, I want to be president of Tema (industrial area) instead. Those who want to be president are there, just give me contracts, case closed. Stop the envy and ask that I be jailed, for contempt how long will I even be jailed for?”.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has always been of the view that some members of the NPP want him out of the way because of his vociferous nature, but he has further disclosed that henceforth, he will follow the path the party is charting since they have tried to make him look bad in the eyes of President Akufo-Addo.

“They keep lying every day and when it gets to some level, he (President Akufo-Addo) also gets fed up. I have resolved that since NPP is charting the path of gentility, I will also be gentle henceforth so that everyone will see that Kennedy Agyapong, the other side of him shows that he can be a gentleman” he added.


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