Kassena-Nankana clash, 100-year-old man including 5 others dead and 2 injured.

The deadly clash between the people of Doba and Kandiga in the Kassena Nankana Municipal and West District of the Upper East Region has seen six people lose their lives with two sustaining injuries.

However, the two who have sustained injuries are currently receiving treatment at the War Memorial Hospital at Navrongo.

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Meanwhile, the Navrongo Municipal Police Command said the people of Doba got infuriated. Additionally, it is reported that their anger stemmed from a decision of the Bolga High Court. According to reports, some of the suspects from the Kandiga community who were involved in the Kassena Nankana clash were granted bail.

However, upon returning home, they were thrown into a state of jubilation and this led to the reprisal attack. The Navrongo Police Commander in an interview with Citi news and monitored by obcommunication.com chronicled how the event commenced.

War Memorial hospital where Kassena-Nankana clash victims are taken.
War Memorial Hospital, Navrongo

Furthermore, he went on to reveal some details about the casualties, out of whom a certain man believed to be over 100 years also lost his life.

” We have lost six lives and among even those killed is an old man who is over 100 years. They set about 12 houses ablaze and two people were seriously injured. They sustained gunshot wounds and have been rushed to the War Memorial Hospital and we are praying that they survive.”

Supt. Agyare said that the initial inter-conflict between the people of Doba and Kandiga has escalated into an intra-conflict among the people of Kandiga. As a result, it has led to people murdering each other.

The Navrongo Municipal Security Committee is set to hold an emergency security meeting later today [Sunday] to decide the fate of the two communities.


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