Kumasi Aaron now turns Akua Asantewa

American television sensation, and co-anchor of ABC7 Mornings at KGO-TV from San Francisco in America, Kumasi Aaron, has been christened with a Ghanaian name after she was spotted in the country touring with Kumasi Walking Day Tours, one of the few professional tour agencies in Ghana.

Kumasi Aaron (Right)

During the week, Kumasi Aaron, who is now also known ceremonially as “Akua Asantewa” was christened and cleansed at Adawomase, a suburb of the Ashanti Region of Ghana, which is also known as one of the hubs of tourism. At her traditional naming ceremony, which was a beautiful spectacle and a sight to behold, she was cleansed and named “Akua”, which is the name given to every Akan female child born on Wednesday. Her second name “Asantewa” shows her bravery and dates back to one of the illustrious female monarchs of the Great Ashanti Kingdom and Queenmother of Ejisu, one of the towns in the Ashanti Region and part of the Ashanti kingdom.

Traditional Naming Ceremony of Kumasi Aaron now known by Ghanaians as Akua Asantewa

After her traditional naming ceremony was done, the pretty glittering anchor, Akua Asantewa took to learning some traditional Ghanaian game, Drought, which is believed to be the original blue print of chess. She manged to play successfully, but much more fun was yet to come when she tried some local cuisines in the locality. She was excited to show everyone she had really returned home since she was named after the great West African City, Kumasi.

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“I’m so excited to be here, my mother named me after this West African city. It’s in Ghana and it’s actually the first time that I’m visiting and I’m so excited” she added.

To add to the avalanche of fun she had from her tour, Kumasi Aaron, now Akua Asantewa got the chance to learn Kente Weaving, the meaning behind Kente designs and patterns. Later, the tour continued to the process of learning Adinkra Symbols Stamping, where she showed her tenacity in that area as well.

Aaron Kumasi (Akua Asantewa) playing drought

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