Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp calls for calm amidst Manchester United fans protest

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has called for calm amidst the recent large massing up of Manchester United fans on the streets of Manchester as they protest against the owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family.


Last week, the match between Liverpool and Manchester United was postponed due to a heavy crowd that took the streets to protest against the Glazer family.


Thousands of fans gather outside Old Trafford in protest against Man Utd owners but Klopp Manchester United protest

IMAGE CREDIT: (The Telegraph)  Scores of Manchester United fans storm out to protest against Glazer family

However, the coach of Liverpool who did magic by winning the league and the Champions for them after several decades has called for calm amidst the street protests that got the game postponed.


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According to Jurgen Klopp, the fans of Manchester United should remain calm amidst their street protest so it doesn’t generate into something untoward. Having watched events unfold on television from the team hotel, with some fans storming the ground, Klopp sounded a word of caution regarding future protests.


He further added that he wasn’t surprised in the least even though he believes in democracy and for the fact that everybody has the right to express their opinion, it doesn’t mean that they should do anything that would disturb public peace.


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“Situations like this do not happen too often when people do not get heard. But I said a few weeks ago when the protests were starting that we also have to be careful that nobody gets hurt – I said we need to be careful and calm down, to ask for the right things” he spoke at a press conference monitored by


Manchester United’s initial match was previously scheduled for last weekend but was postponed last weekend after a fan protest at Old Trafford against the club’s owners, the Glazer family.


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