Minneapolis Police provide false Police report to support alleged gruesome murder of George Floyd.

The Minneapolis Police has produced a false report of what led to the death of African American, George Floyd on Tuesday.

In a new development concerning the murder of George Floyd, who was in police custody, a video has shown four Minneapolis police officers brutalizing him to death.

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According to some new videos from surveillance tapes and from an unknown camera shot, the police are seen taking George Floyd out of his car and pinning him down to the a police vehicle.

On the contrary, one of the police men identified as Derrick Shauven has his knees glued to Floyd’s neck as Floyd begs for his life, saying in a quiver, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”.

protesters protest against death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police
 The scene in Minneapolis on Wednesday night. As they did on Tuesday night, police fired rubber bullets and teargas to try to disperse crowds. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Additionally, as this inhumane activity was going on, there were three other officers who got the handcuffed George Floyd pinned to the ground.

Police write false report against George Floyd

However, the Minneapolis police have given a different account of what went on. In their report, they wrote :

“George Floyd was ordered to step from his car, after he got out he physically resisted arrest. officers were able to get the suspect in handcuffs.” portions of the report read.

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Another aspect that the police report lied was about the manner in which he died. According to the police report, they noted, “he was suffering medical distress, officers called for ambulance, he was transported to Hanna-ban County Medical Centre by ambulance where he died”.

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Watch Videos from both NBC and CBS news that shows how George Floyd was allegedly murdered by four White Policemen.

Protesters took to the streets to register their displeasure as they demand for the prosecution of these four white police.

George Floyd’s Family wants four policemen responsible for the death of Floyd charged with murder.


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