NBSSI outlines procedures for applying for Coronavirus Alleviation Program(CAP).

The National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) has outlined procedures for a successful Coronavirus Alleviation Program (CAP) business support scheme.

The Central Regional Regional Manager for the NBSSI, Mr Akwasi Afriyie, today, Wednesday, 3rd June revealed some of the procedures and requirements one would if one so desires to apply for the Coronavirus Alleviation Program (CAP) business support scheme.

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave Morning show hosted by Mary Ama Bawa and monitored by Obcommunication.com, Mr Afriyie intimated that the NBSSI is mandated to grow and develop micro, small and medium scale enterprise in the country.

In their bid to do this promotion they indulge in a plethora of activities. Some of the activities include promoting the Small and Microscale Enterprise (SME) sector, provide training for them among many other duties.

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However, he mentioned that in relation to the CAP, a lot of individuals have applied. He revealed that those who have applied also range from tourism to the farming sector.

“Well, basically those who have applied are in all the various categories, from the tourism sector to carpenters, hairdressers, some traders at the Kotokuraba Market are all getting on to apply. However, even those who sell fruits have taken the opportunity over the CAP and have applied. In a nutshell, the application cuts across every sector of the economy or job force”.

General Eligibility for the application of the Coronavirus Alleviation Program from the out of the NBSSI

In addition, he stated that any other Ghanaian business that does not fall within the employee rate of less than 100, cannot be termed as an SME. This means that before an entity or organization applies, it must not have more than 100 workers, and must be able to demonstrate the extent of damage caused by Covid-19.

“Not everybody is eligible to apply. Before you apply, you must be a Ghanaian with a business, and you must also demonstrate that Covid -19 has had an effect on your business. Your workers and organization must not be more than 100.

Market women not left out of the CAP

In addition, he outlined the eligibility career stating;

  1. You need to prove your Ghanaian identity by providing us with a national ID.
  2. One must have a TIN( Tax Identification number)
  3. You must have a mobile sim card clearly registered in your name
  4. One must clearly demonstrate the extent to which Covid-19 has affected your business.
  5. You must be able to show your sales or turn over for 2019.

CAP Application Stages

Mr Afriyie further went on to explain the various processes involved in the application. He intimated that the processes were in two faces.

The registration involves the use of an online means to apply. Firstly, one would need to generate code by using his or her mobile to answer certain basic questions. Prior to having access to it, you must punch *718*555 and then register by answering the questions.

“With the registration stage, you can use a mobile phone or get online to register. With the mobile phone, there is a USSP code, *718*555. Over here, you are required to answer four questions. The first one, you would be asked to input your TIN, followed by your National ID, how much you require as a loan and finally, your annual turn over for 2019” he explained.

Coronavirus Alleviation Program outdoored by NBSSI
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The second face commences after a code is generated from the first face. The next face involves inputting your registration code into the NBSSI portal, NBSSIGHCAP.COM/#/APPLICATION.

Over here, you would be required the input the unique code generated from the first face. In addition to the code, you would also input your TIN and the mobile number used for the first registration process.

According to Mr Afriyie, it would open another section for the applicant to give details about his or business.


SOURCE: Obcommunication.com

Click on the link below to watch the full interview and processes involved.

ATLANTIC WAVE 03/05/2020


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