Nyantakyi’s personal interest clouded his professional judgment – Dan Kwaku Yeboah reveals.

Ace Sports journalist, Dan Kwaku Yeboah has alleged that former Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi made room for his personal interest override his professional judgment.

Mr Dan Kwaku Yeboah, speaking on the Atlantic Wave Morning show, today, alleged that former GFA boss, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi didn’t let professionalism be his guiding his principles. According to the former protege of ATL FM, he revealed that Mr Nyantakyi cared very little about how things were run professionally.

According to Dan Kwaku Yeboah, a clear case in point was how the premier league was run. He stated that in each sovereign state, and a well-organized league, the Football Association’s subcommittee members are not the same people who run the daily affairs of the league. Such countries including neighbouring Nigeria, have an autonomous body in charge of the league.

“I was always talking about the Ghana Premier League. My point is that anywhere in the world that their leagues are doing well, talk of the Asians, England, Spain and other European countries, the league is not an affiliate of the FA. It is not the subcommittee of the FA. They have been given semi-autonomous status, where they have their own chief executive officers, even in Nigeria, they have a league marketing company, where they have established credible people to run the league with a proper agreement, where the proper allocation of funds is done” He stated.

Dan kwaku Yeboah former ATL STAFF
Daniel Kwaku Yeboah, Head of Spots, PEACE FM

However, according to Mr Dan Kwaku Yeboah, under Nyantakyi’s era, the same FA subcommittee members are the same were the same people running the league. This according to him did not augur well for him, but upon approaching Mr Nyantakyi and drawing his attention to it, it seemed his personal sentiments for the job clouded his sense of professionalism.

“Under the Nyantakyi’s era, the FA subcommittee were the same people running the league and they had no powers. We were travelling to Serbia to go and play a friendly match and we missed our flight, so the minister chartered a flight for us. I had the opportunity to interact with him and I asked him that getting an autonomous body to run the league is the best. Elsewhere it works, so why are you refusing to let the body that ran the league do so. What Nyantakyi told me was that You see when you give them autonomy, they turn round and fight the FA. So I realized that it was more of a personal interest than getting things professionally run”.

Mr Dan Kwaku Yeboah has been a constant critic of football administrators. He started his journalism career, with the University of Cape Coast campus-based radio station, ATL FM, where he has currently risen to the role as Head of Sports Department at Peace FM, a subsidiary of Despite Media.



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