Sex for salvation and heavenly space

One disgusting scandal that has rocked modern day Christianity is the gross sex activity that are perpetrated by the clergy either in exchange for salvation and heavenly space or sexual gratification.

The blind belief that has engulfed the hearts of many about a place in Heaven is one debate that still plagues churches till date.

This quagmire is one that has led to a lot of sexual scandals that has rocked church in today’s epoch. Many people have turned their pastor’s abode into hotels and demi sanctimonious brothels that habor all manner of lewdness in the name of salvation.

In a recent report, it has been estimated that about 63% of women in churches located in Tema, Accra are sexually harassed.

According to the report, this is attributed to the ignoramus notion that their pastors can intercede for them and cleanse their sins with a rod.

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This therefore leads to consensual sexual abuse as these charlatans take advantage of these women who only want a room in heaven, and would have to pay the price with their “all”.

Not only do these charlatans in the name of pastors sleep with them for a place in heaven, but also for prosperity on the earth.

” Sex Akwankeyre” for salvation at the Synagogue

A plethora of videos on many sites has unfortunately revealed the stark and depraved minds of some of these so called men of God. In some of these videos, audiences are greeted with very sordid images of pastors kissing women in front of the congregation in the name of driving demons from her.

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In another video, Angel Daniel Obinim is seen stepping on the genital area of a young woman who is in tears in the name of paving way for her womb to be opened for fertility. With a mixture of pain and spiritual hope, she cries and shouts “amen” to every declaration made by Prophet Angel Obinim.

In another trending whatsapp video, another self – styled prophet was seen inserting his finger in a woman’s female genital in the presence of her husband and a congregation, claiming he was teaching  the congregants sex education, particularly how men were supposed to caress their women to ensure they reached orgasm.

All these lewd accounts are what is refereed to as “Akwankyere” or formally put spiritual guidelines that these “men of God” give to their congregants. The scriptures has already indicated that the Devil has blinded the eyes of the unbelievers ( 2 Corinthians 4:4).

One would thus conclude that eyes of believers are opened so they can see clearly. The clear irony is that these ones even in the full glare of day light and service, these acts of sexual abuse are done and yet, their eyes are still opened not to see the tomfoolery of these pastors.

The obvious question that comes to mind is does “akwankyere” really add up to sexual abuse? This is a multi-million question because in ancient times, the Sovereign Lord gave directions to Moses to use his rod.

Perhaps, this explains why some clergy men can exorcise demons with a kiss and sex live on television broadcasts during church service. Obviously, sexual abuse and sex is now a means of salvation.

Prophets like Isaiah and other well known prophets in the Bible, were all given guidelines. However, these guidelines were not sex for salvation. These were hinged on clear directions and not shaded in secrecy.

Riding on vulnerability

In a Daily Graphic story that highlighted an interview with a former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Kwabena Opuni–Frimpong, he explained that most of those ministers of God exploited the vulnerability of their church members, particularly women who needed help and took advantage of their conditions to tell them things that would satisfy them.

 “Some women even give more respect and honour to their pastors than their husbands, by kissing their feet, kneeling before them and obeying their outrageous directions and instructions in the name of giving them solutions and interventions to their problems,” he said.

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In addition, he intimated that some women give undue honor, respect and put implicit trust in some of these charlatans rather than to put their faith in God. As a result, out of the anxiety of their hearts, such men of God intimidate and sexually abuse them.

Case Study of Sexual Misconduct among the Clergy in Ghana

Pastor Arrested For Fondling Woman’s Breasts’, ‘Pastor Arrested For Licking Woman’s Private Part’, ‘Pastor Jailed 10 Years for Defilement’, ‘Pastor Jailed 19 Years’, ‘Pastor Jailed’, ‘Evangelist Jailed 20 years’, ‘Pastor Nabbed Naked’- these are just a few headlines of newspapers and blogs.

When it comes to sexual misconducts among the clergy, one that clearly comes to mind is that of Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Sex for salvation
Bishop Daniel Obinim, Founder and leader of God’s Way International Ministry

The Kumasi-based bishop was caught in a sex scandal in 2011, where he confessed having sexual relations with one Gifty Fobi, the wife of Pastor Williams Fobi, one of his junior pastors and leading Bible readers of his church.

In an interview, he revealed that the devil tricked him to have sex with his junior pastor’s wife and immediately after that indecent.

The two lovebirds had been in a relationship for the past four years, before he was finally caught. This was revealed by Gifty’s husband, Pastor Williams Fobi. The embittered junior pastor stated on a tape that his wife had confessed to him that Bishop Obinim started to have sexual engagement with her about four years ago when she joined his congregation.

Pastor Fobi said when he met the wife and proposed to marry her some years ago, he didn’t know that the woman of his heart was having an intimate relationship with his boss until she confessed to him on Thursday May 26, 2011, leading to the mediation by high-profile pastors.

Another National scandal involving the clergy is that of Evangelist Akwasi Oppong, Evangelist for Power of Jesus Church at Nyanyano near Kasoa, who was allegedly caught red handed for trying to rape a 30 year old lady in 2011.

Evangelist Akwasi Oppong, Evangelist for Power of Jesus Church

At the age of 29 in 2011, the well known man of God from Kasoa in the Central region allegedly attempted to rape the wife of a policeman at a hotel in Aboabo, near Koforidua. He was thus apprehended by police in Koforidua.

Evangelist Akwasi Oppong allegedly invited 30-year-old Joyce Odame, who recently got married, to his room at Amsterdam Hotel and attempted to rape her. 

Briefing the media after the arrest, the New Juaben Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent David Tefutor, said Joyce went to see the evangelist in his hotel room for counseling in the morning.

The police commander said while at the hotel, the pastor allegedly demanded to have sex with her before the counseling could take place.

He explained that the evangelist then took off his clothes and stood naked in front of the policeman’s wife and asked her to pull his manhood.

The police commander explained that Joyce then excused the pastor to visit the washroom.

He said the woman then called one Emmanuel Mensah, a policeman who is a friend to her husband, since the husband was on duty, and told him about the attempt by the pastor to rape her.

According to the police commander, Lance Corporal Mensah rushed to the hotel in a hired taxi and went straight to the hotel room and forced the door open.

He said Mensah found the evangelist completely naked trying to have sex with Joyce Odame, the friend’s wife.

He said the policeman, who was in mufti, identified himself to the pastor as a policeman who had been informed about his intention to rape the wife of his colleague so he should keep quiet and follow him to the police station.

The commander explained that the evangelist, sensing danger, struggled with the policeman to try and evade arrest.

He said in the process, the evangelist hit the policeman on the forehead with an empty beer bottle in the room and quickly left. The blow resulted in a big cut but the policeman raised an alarm so people around assisted him to arrest the evangelist who was hiding in a nearby bush.

Catholic Church and sexual abuse cases

In the late 1980s, allegations were made of physical and sexual abuse committed by members of the Christian Brothers, who operated the Mount Cashel Orphanage in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The government, police, and church had colluded in an attempt to cover up the allegations, but in December 1989 they were reported in the St. John’s Sunday Express. Eventually more than 300 former pupils came forward with allegations of physical and sexual abuse at the orphanage.

 The religious order that ran the orphanage filed for bankruptcy in the face of numerous civil lawsuits seeking damages. Since the Mount Cashel scandal, a number of priests across Canada have been accused of sexual abuse.

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In August 2006, Father Charles Henry Sylvestre of Belle River, Ontario pleaded guilty to 47 counts of sexual abuse of females, aged between nine and fourteen years old, between 1952 and 1989. Sylvestre was given a sentence in October 2006 of three years, and died 22 January 2007 after three months in prison.

Father Charles Henry Sylvestre of Belle River

In 2011, Basilian priest Father William Hodgson Marshall, who died in 2014 at the age of 92, pled guilty to 16 counts of indecent assault of minors and one count of sexual assault for incidents that occurred between 1952 and 1986 when he taught at Assumption and Holy Names high schools in Windsor, plus other Catholic high schools in Toronto and Sudbury.

He was sentenced to two years in prison, and served 16 months of his sentence before being released on probation in 2012.

However, Marshall, who was given the nickname “Happy Hands” in the 1950s due to his tendency to touch students, later pled guilty to more sex abuse charges stemming from his time in Saskatchewan.

 On April 30, 2020, the Canadian Supreme Court rejected an appeal from the Basilian Fathers of Toronto to not give Marshall victim Rod MacLeod a required payment of just over $2.5 million, including $500,000 in punitive damages, stemming from a sexual-assault case in the 1960s. The payment was first ordered by a jury in April 2020.

Even though, these cases of Catholic priests and other clergy men engaging in acts of unholy conducts, shows that we are in the end times, it is only a warning sign to all and sundry. Salvation belongs only onto the Lord. He looks in the heart and determines who deserves to be saved, but not through some charlatans and so-called men of God, who lead the flock with the genitals.


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