Shisha is as dangerous as taking tobacco- UCC lecturer

One of the new ways of tobacco consumption among youth is Shisha smoking. Albeit, it looks appealing and harmless to the eye, health experts say Shisha is dangerous.

May 31st marks World No Tobacco Day, with the theme couched to address the youth who are into tobacco consumption. It is against this backdrop, that Dr Akwesi Ayanful of the School of Medical Sciences, UCC has revealed how dangerous shisha is.

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave Morning Show, Dr Ayanful demystified the perception that Shisha is not as harmful like cigarettes.

Shisha is as dangerous as tobacco
Shisha is as much as dangerous as Tobacco

However, according to Dr Ayanful, the World Health Organization has even condemned it. He added that it is a fallacy if anyone feels the shishas and other forms of e-cigarettes especially as the WHO has made it clear.

Effects of Tobacco and the need to quit smoking shisha

“It is a fallacy that people think that all those shishas and e-cigarettes do not cause harm. They all cause harm. In fact, WHO has come out to say that these shishas and e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as tobacco. I will never recommend any of them”.

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Similarly, he added that anything that can cause mutations especially in the DNA, must be discouraged. According to DrAyanful, it is a precursor and an open door to drug abuse in general and causes a lot of problems for the consumer.

“Anyone who takes these shishas and other things that can cause mutations in the DNA must be discouraged. Apart from these, it also encourages one to take or try other forms of drugs. They would graduate from smoking cigarettes and start doing other forms of drugs”.

He therefore called on stakeholders and parents especially to discourage their children from taking cigarettes or sending them to purchase some for them.

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Secondly, he also encouraged parents to spend more time with their children so they could open up. This would give the parents the opportunity to help their children.

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The nicotine contained in tobacco is highly addictive and tobacco use is a major risk factor for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Tobacco use makes one prone to anti-social behaviour.


Interview with Dr Akwesi Ayanful below:

ATLANTIC WAVE 29/05/2020


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