There is calm and peace in our schools insists CHASS PRESIDENT

The President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary School (CHASS), Alhaji Yacoub AB Abubakari has insisted that there is calm and peace in the various schools amidst Covid 19 scare and infections.

Speaking in an interview on GBC’s Behind the News program, yesterday, 14th July 2020, the Headmaster of T.I Ahmadiyya has stated that there is no tension in the schools and that the students are all poised to write the exams. He also added that teaching and learning are going on and they do not have issues regardless of the awareness of the presence of Covid-19.

CHASS President says there is peace and calm in the various schools
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“You will see that there is calm and peace in the school. Teaching and learning is going on and we don’t have issues. The reality on the ground is that though we know the Covid is with us like we have been told. It is something that we have to manage and move along with it. We have ensured that we have all adhered to the protocols. Wearing of masks, both teachers, non-teaching staff and students. By ensuring that regularly we wash our hands with running water and soap, by ensuring that we sanitize our hands with the hand sanitizers that have been provided us. We periodically check the student’s temperature with the thermometer gun when they are also in class” he revealed.

Social distancing enhanced as CHASS President paints a picture of calm and peace in our various schools

Mr Aboubacar, the CHASS President also revealed that pragmatic steps are in place to ensure that there is peace and calm in the schools. As part of those measures, the number of persons on a dining table has been reduced drastically. Additionally, efforts have been put in place at improving social distancing in the classrooms and dormitories.

“In the classroom, there is social distancing, in the dormitories, per the arrangements at the dormitories, there is social distancing. The number of people who sit on a table during dining has been reduced from 10 to 5. Those that took 12 had been reduced to 6 students. At our school level, teaching and learning is going on and there is no panic at the school level.

Contrary to comments that students want to go home initially, the President of CHASS also claimed that the students are willing to stay. He said that during a working visit to the schools based on agitations by some associations, the students think otherwise.

“Indeed as a result of the call of the PTA to ask the students to come back home, some of us took the opportunity to visit our schools. The chorus we received from them was that they are ready to stay and learn and write their exams and go home”.

In another development, the Dir General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Owusu-Amankwa says it is working closely with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to put in place contingency measures before students at various Senior High Schools go home.

He revealed that as part of the collaboration, the GHS would give advice and probable directives that would be implemented before they exit. Among the probable contingency mentioned was a possible quarantine.


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