Twifo Atti – Mokwa residents fail to adhere to “Social distancing” protocol.

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With the event of the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo – Addo has cautioned and encouraged Ghanaians to practice social distancing. In this case, each person is supposed to stay at least, 2metres away from each other.

It is however sad to note that when it comes to Twifo Atti – Morkwa, one of the districts in the Central Region, under the Cape Coast Metropolis. Interestingly, it is reported that some residents and natives of the town have blatantly refused to adhere to social distancing protocols as encouraged by the president.

It is against this background that the Presiding Member of the Twifo Atti – Morkwa district, Mr. Edward Baiden- Aggrey has shown his displeasure towards the attitude that is hugely encouraged in the district.

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave Morning show on ATL FM, the presiding member revealed that his outfit has done all that it could to ensure that the protocols have been adhered to. However, this has yielded no fruit, especially at the market centers where a plethora of people have formed very close clusters, refusing to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

“As an assembly, we are actually going out to educate people at the market places. We have observed that in the rural setting, if you educate them without money, they wouldn’t listen to you. People are pursuing money so when it comes to money, they pursue it to the detriment of their health. We have provided them with hand sanitizers and veronica buckets especially at the markets, but still they are not adhering to the social distancing protocols, because they are not being serious with the message” he stated.

He added that all efforts to educate them and encourage them to stay at home has fallen on deaf ears. According to Mr. Edward Aggrey, he was of the conviction that since the region hasn’t recorded any case officially, some of the traders and customers have become pig headed thus refusing to obey the protocols and acknowledging their efforts in accepting their education.

“We are doing our best, just that we are not that happy with the response towards the message. They are not being serious with the message. We are telling them that this whole pandemic is a new thing, and the government did not budget for its intervention. We are asking them to stay at home if there is nothing to be done at the market, but they have not taken this message serious because probably, we haven’t experienced some yet in the Central region. If they happen to see one of the patients, then most of them would be very serious with it” he stated.

Meanwhile, with the current vigorous contact tracing and specialized testing, the case count has risen to 204, as of today, 2nd April, 2020.

In other developments, the government has laid before Parliament for approval the Covid-19 National Trust Fund Bill 2020. The Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, laid the bill before Parliament on Wednesday night.


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