UCC campus is not on “RED” alert – Director, Public Affairs, UCC.

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The Acting Director of Public Affairs at the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu has stated that the campus of the University of Cape Coast is not under red alert, but the presence of the police on campus is only a precautionary measure to ensure a conducive atmosphere after the brawl.

Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu has explained on the Atlantic Wave morning show on ATL FM that the presence of the Ghana Police Service on campus is not to suggest that UCC is under siege or security threat, but rather a precautionary measure based on recommendations from the Ghana Police Service to have a conducive atmosphere to do their investigations, and not as speculated within the general public.

He added that their presence here is a good sign and in the interest of the school, especially when there has already been a disturbing situation.

“The campus of the university is not on red alert. It is a precautionary measure to make sure that we have a conducive atmosphere, so it is in our own interest. Remember, even though the university is a gated community, the laws of Ghana applies everywhere, so what it means is that, if the security agencies come out with an intelligence that for a reason or two, the police say they need to come to the campus of UCC, the Vice Chancellor can’t say no”.

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As part of efforts to explain the press statement, released yesterday, Tuesday, 25th February, 2020 on the show, he added that the University of Cape Coast is part of Ghana regardless of the privileges it enjoys. Per the internal arrangement of the university, she has privileges to do their own things. However, it does not mean that the law does not restrict them in any way especially as the doors of the university is also opened to the police.

This therefore means that whatever recommendations made, there are consultations and this would be implemented as a road map and not necessarily that there are brawls going on and has rendered the campus unsafe.

“We need the police presence and once we have opened our doors for the police to take over, whatever the security would suggest, we “jaw jaw” and we move on. It is in our own interest. it doesn’t mean that we are fighting and that is why the police is on campus. It doesn’t mean we are fighting. Something has happened and by police advice we are following the directives and it’s like a road-map” he stated.

Mr. Antwi – Konadu has assured that anyone who would volunteer in formation at the Dean’s office would have his image and identity concealed.

Giving a history of factionalism in the school, he intimated that it used to be a healthy competition, in terms of academics, sports and even entertainment, however, for about five years, the healthy competition has degenerated into violence and vandalism, an activity the university and the laws of Ghana deeply frown on.

 Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu has therefore hinted that until management gets information from the security services, the ban still remains as he is uncertain if the university is ready to lift the ban or temporary suspension so soon since the police would need a lot of time to work on the situation.


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