President’s support is not a reduction in electricity tariffs – Commercial Manager, E.C.G, C/R.


During the last address by the president on the way forward and government’s management strategy on the COVID 19, President Akuffo Addo made mention that he would provide government support for citizens who use electricity in the nation.

After this announcement was made, scores of people in the country are wondering when this support would take effect, when the reductions would reflect their bills and the dimensions associated with it.

In an interview on ATL FM’S current affairs show in the Akan Language, Biribi Soronko, the Commercial Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Central Region, Mr. Emmanuel gave further details on this development.

Mr. Sam indicated that the president’s support is not a tariff relief, hence the seeming delay in it’s implementation. He explained that with the support, there are two categories.

The “Exclusive life line customers” who are describes as persons or households using electricity not up to 50 units or who consumed 0-50 Kilowatts. The second group consists of those who use more than the 50 units right up to Non residential users of electricity.

“Indeed, just as the president intimated, he was going to provide government support for electricity users in the country. This subvention or support is however in two different folds. Those who are referred to as ‘Exclusive life line customers’. These are the ones who use electricity up to a particular threshold, namely 50 units of electricity. The second category include groups of persons or clients who use more than the 50 units and this certainly includes the non residential users of electricity.” he spoke in Fanti.

He further went on to explain that persons in the first category, would enjoy the full benefit of government support. However, those who are part of the second category would have only 50% benefit of whatever subvention or support the government would grant.

“Those who are part of the Exclusive life line customers would enjoy the whole 100% government support but those who are in the second category would enjoy only 50% of the support from government, during the months of April, May and June, but however, since this support is not a reduction in tariffs, it won’t reflect immediately on the bills just as expected by our customers. if this were so, then the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission (PURC) would have announced it and ensured it was triggered immediately” he added in Fanti.

Mean while, President Nana Akufo-Addo has on Friday, 17th April, 20202 commended the Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund for initiating and raising funds for the construction of an infectious disease treatment and isolation facility at the Ga East Hospital in the Greater Accra Region.

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