13-year old girl paralyzed due to child labour as her aunty abandons her.

Family is a very important asset that cannot be bought. However, if this beautiful construct turns evil, then the family is of no use. This is the situation of 13-year-old girl Blessing Arthur, who got paralyzed due to child labour.

Blessing Arthur is a 13-year old girl who stayed with her aunty at Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region. Blessing narrates her ordeal as her aunty overburdens her with heavy fish business till she crushes her spinal cord.

Meanwhile, speaking with Aunty Nyaniba of Nyanis TV and monitored by “Obcommunication.com“, Blessing explains her conditions.

“I was staying with my aunty, whom I helped to run her fish smoking business. Additionally, I also carried heavy fish in a pan. However, I often carry it in a big pan called Abidjan bag bowl from the market to home back to her”.

Furthermore, she went on to give details as to how she broke her spine when their roads were flooded.

“One day, it rained heavily. On my way home, I slipped, broke my head and my spine after hitting a rock. My aunty never bothered about me. She just took me to a drug store to purchase drugs. Additionally, she resorted to herbal drugs and ointment as a form of treatment” she narrated.

Currently, young Blessing feels pains in her ribs and is paralyzed after her spinal cord broke. She alleged that she also carries three big containers of the fish while in that situation until her health worsened.

Blessing, young girl paralyzed because of child labour

The devastating aspect of Blessing’s issue is that she has developed a hunch. Meanwhile, the spinal cord has surfaced just behind her back, unable to protrude through the skin.

The aftermath of a 13-year old girl paralyzed due to child labour.

The mother of Blessing, also shared her side of the story as she revealed how she finally brought her daughter home. She told Nyanis, host, that she had requested for her daughter for a long time, but she was adamant. Furthermore, she intimated that she was shocked to find out that her daughter had been involved in such a job.

“I am well aware that when people are taking there, that is the job they do, but I never dreamt she would involve my daughter”.

Regardless of the fact that she was working hard, Blessing tells us, she wasn’t enrolled in school early. As a result, at the age of 13, she was enrolled in Class one. Currently, she is unable to walk or move about freely.

According to her mother, doctors are ready to assist, but she doesn’t have enough funds. Therefore, she is calling on all and sundry to come to her aid.

If you do wish to voluntarily help young Blessing kindly contact the number below.

+233 244963333.

Watch the full interview on Nyanis TV.

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