Akpeteshie not a cure for Covid-19 – NCCE cautions consumers.

Widespread myth, especially along the coast and some rural areas, indicate the excessive local gin consumption is on the rise. Amidst these misconceptions, the National Commission for Civic Education, (NCCE) has intensified education to rid these myths of the minds of akpeteshie consumers.

The NCCE has indicated that consumption of Akpeteshie is not a panacea for protecting one against Covid-19, but rather makes one prone to several ailments among other psychological problems that could culminate into violence.

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Mr Michael Sagoe, the Senior Civic Educator with the Assin Fosu Office of the Commission, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the side-lines of a public sensitisation programme in the Assin Central Municipality.

According to him, the consumption of alcohol is dangerous to the health of consumers. In addition to this, it also compromises the immune system and is also associated with mental disorders.

Akpeteshie not a cure for civid 19 says NCCE
Akpeteshie, the local spirit of Ghana

“In particular, alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes, therefore, people should minimise their alcohol consumption at any time, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Sagoe said.

Stressing the sort of substance akpeteshie is, Mr Michael Sagoe, from the Assin Fosu, NCCE office reiterated that alcohol consumption has dire consequences on the mental growth and acuity of the consumer.

“Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that is associated with mental disorders; people at risk or who have an alcohol-use disorder are particularly vulnerable, especially when in self-isolation.”

However, with the President gradually easing the ban on social gatherings, a litany of regulations has been spelt out. The Religious Affairs Minister, Mr Kofi Dzamesi has discouraged the waving of handkerchiefs and dancing at church sermons.

In a televised video, President Akufo Addo announced the gradual phases of easing restrictions. Addressing the nation in his tenth appearance, President Akufo revealed that the Religious Affairs Minister, Mr Kofi Dzamesi would outline the roadmap for the gradual easing of restrictions on religious activities.


Source: Obcommunication.com

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