Cape Coast Business mogul clears air on alleged coronavirus infection.

When it comes to the establishment of businesses in Cape Coast, the capital of Central Region, Mr. Charles Kofi Essuman is one of the persons who stands tall in this fray. His famous Kofi Essuman Enterprise has provided jobs for several hundreds in the Cape Coast.

Amidst developments and sometimes the stigmatization that is associated with the deadly pandemic coronavirus (covid 19), many people would always want the truth to be out so that it doesn’t harm their hard earned reputation build within several years.

Kofi Essuman Enterprise

In lieu of this, Mr. Charles Kofi Essuman has cleared the air regarding some purported reports that he has been infected by the deadly covid 19.

In a press release intercepted by, he states categorically that those claims are false and a clear misrepresentation aimed to destroy him. He is therefore pleading with all customers to ignore such rumors for he and his family are healthy and none of his workers too haven’t been infected.

Read statement below:

“Good morning, My attention has drawn to the news circulating that I, Charles Kofi Essuman has tested positive for the Novel Corona Virus. I want to use this communique to clear the air and ratify that I do not have the virus. Neither have I shown symptoms of the Coronavirus nor tested positive.

Thus, my family is safe and none of them exhibits symptoms of the Novel virus. My employees are also safe as a result of their adherence to the routine of hand washing frequently, sanitizing and use of Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, nose masks, and whatnots. I would like to state emphatically and reiterate that I have not tested positive for the Virus. I urge you all to do away with the fear and panic when drawing closer.

Albeit rumours contain little truth, it’s Imperative to treat whatever you hear cautiously. Do come around to the various retail outlet to purchase your wares devoid of panic. Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently and sanitize as often as you can. Thank you for time and continue to protect yourself and your family from the Novel Corona Virus. God bless you all”.

Signed: Charles Essuman-Mensah.(Aka Kofi Essuman)


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