Dr Oko Boye replies “Myjoyonline” for allegedly misrepresenting his statement on the closure of schools.

Dr Oko Boye, Deputy Health Minister has revealed that he has been maligned and misrepresented by myjoyonline in what appears to be an alleged propaganda. In a statement released today, the Dr Okoe Boye stressed he never mentioned that schools would be shut down when Covid-19 infection rate reaches 15%.

In a news publication on the site, Dr Oko Boye is quoted by myjoyonline as saying on Asempa FM on that “If you have 500 students in the school if you get 35 that amounts to seven per cent of the number. We either make them go home or find a way to deal with them separately. The allowed per cent is 7 per cent. If you have 14 or 15 per cent of the school population it is alarming”.

Dr Oko Boye angry with myjoyonline
Deputy Health Minister, Dr Oko Boye

In this statement, he never mentioned that school would be closed if the case percentage reaches 15%. It is against this background that he feels it is a propaganda against him.

In the statement to explain what he feels is an agenda by myjoyonline, he states that he never said anywhere that schools would be shut down if Covid-19 rate reaches 15%. He further goes on to describe it as malicious propaganda on the path of myjoyonline.

He explained that he spoke on Asempa FM on 14th July 2020 with the aim of helping listeners appreciate that schools cannot be closed based on recorded cases of Covid-19 since the virus can be contracted at different places and not the schools alone.



I write to state categorically that I haven’t said anywhere that schools would be shut down if COVID-19 rate reaches 15%. It is sad and unfortunate that Myjoyonline would decide to engage in this malicious propaganda at a time when we have to focus on disseminating informed education material on COVID-19 related matters.

I spoke on Asempa FM yesterday, the 14th of July, 2020 and helped listeners to appreciate the fact that calling for the closure of schools because of recorded cases cannot be just and scientifically sound. This is because COVID-19 cases could be picked anywhere including the church, schools, mosque, market as well as educational institutions.

What is important is to find out whether there are protocols to isolate, trace contacts and treat cases. I stated on the program that the meticulous preschool activities put in place by the Akufo-Addo government and the protocols and logistics put in the schools would help see students through to the end of their examinations. MULTIMEDIA recorded some COVID-19 cases; nobody called for its closure.

I still am convinced that the government that invested in the tuition and boarding fees of all SHS students can be trusted to take care of students to the very end of their stay in school. I would like to urge all parents to keep calm, call their school heads or 311 in case they have any queries. Just as the over 200,000 tertiary students finished their programs without a calamity, so would these SHS students too finish by the grace of the Almighty. May God bless our homeland Ghana.

Dr. Okoe Boye (MP).
A Deputy Minister for Health


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