June 30 Voters Registration exercise goes on as planned – EC

June 30 still remains the valid date for the commencement of the voters registration exercise. The Electoral Commission (EC) made the announcement today after the Supreme Court verdict. However, pursuant to their earlier announcement, the June 30 voters registration exercise still goes on as planned.

Today, the Supreme Court ruling paved the way for the EC to go ahead with their program as slated for June 30. In a statement cited by obcommunication.com, the EC assured its stakeholders of its plans as it goes on unabated.

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“The Electoral Commission (EC) takes this opportunity to assure its stakeholders that the Voters Registration Exercise will start from Tuesday, June 30, 2020, to the 6th of August, 2020″.

However, the statement stressed and entreated all stakeholders to get ready for the exercise.

“The Commission entreats all its stakeholders to hold themselves in readiness for the Voters Registration Exercise”.

June 30 Voters Registration Exercise still goes on against the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s verdict.

The Supreme Court of Ghana gave its verdict on the voters register case today, Thursday 25/06/2020. The case was thus presided over by a seven-member panel. Additionally, the panel gave its ruling, giving the EC the right to go ahead.

June 30 voters registration exercise to commence as planned.
Supreme Court gives EC go-ahead to compile a new register

The verdict indicated that the election management body was independent and its action can only be guided by the court if it goes against the law.

“By this decision, the Electoral Commission i.e. 2nd Defendants in Suit No. J1/9/2020 and 1st Defendants in Suit No. J1/12/2020 are hereby directed to commence the compilation of the voter registration exercise as scheduled”. This was the extract of the ruling of the Supreme Court that gave the EC mandate to go ahead with its plans.


Source: obcommunication.com

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