KEEA MCE enumerates measures to curb spread of COVID – 19 in the municipality.


The greatest weapon of COVID – 19 is its ability to spread fast especially when humans come into contact with each other. It is against this background that the Municipal Chief Executive of the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem has enlisted some measures taken to stem the spread of the virus in the municipality after Elmina recorded two cases within the week.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Nana Appiah Korang has catalogued some measures and activities his outfit in collaboration with the municipal health service is doing to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking on the Briribi Soronko show hosted by Kofi Konadu of ATL FM, he made mention among many activities, some tours he has embarked in the municipality and other plans that would be implemented.

Education at the fishing areas

Mr. Appiah Korang noted that when it comes to education, he has been at the fore front. Especially when it comes to the fishing areas, he has played an integral role in that order. He explained that he had been to some of the shores and directly spoken with the fishermen.

“Personally, I have moved from market to market and even to the fishing areas where I have ostensibly met the fishermen. For instance, at Komenda, I had the opportunity to meet the fishermen and spoke with them to be very vigilant especially as they embark on their fishing expedition. At Komenda, I have asked those who are on their fishing expedition at Liberia, Ivory Coast and other countries, not to come back, however, if they return, they are to be quarantined and I have made arrangements for a quarantine center at Edinaman Senior High School in consultation with the Headmaster” he said in Fante.

(File Photo) Crowded Elmina Fishing Market

He further went on to say that as a result of the stigma, the beds and other furniture belonging to the students had been removed from the dormitory, and he had to purchase new ones including clothing for some fishermen from Moree who landed at the Elmina landing site and were quarantined to put on.

“We had to purchase clothes and some beds for these fishermen who had been quarantined because the townsfolk opposed vehemently against the usage of the venue as a quarantine center and wouldn’t allow them to use anything belonging to the school. As a result of the difficult position they found themselves in, I had to support their families with GH 100 cedis each. However, they tested negative after two tests and have fulfilled their 14 day compulsory quarantine” he added.

Refugee Camp

No stone is actually left unturned in these unusual times as he also made moves to the Agyeikrom Ivorian Refugee camp to take a look at the situation at hand.

“We visited the Agyeikrom Ivorain Refugee camp, where nine people were also held in quarantine and we fed them. We attended to all the nine persons” he indicated.


Mr. Appiah Korang further indicated that from the refugee camp, they have also gone to the 6 largest markets within the municipality, indicating that the Ayensudo market is doing extremely well when it comes to the practicing of the social distancing protocols at the market.

In addition to that, he had also made some arrangements for some of the markets to have other days of trade to reduce the congestion at those markets, even though some of the markets have been closed.

“We have six markets where I have visited. Honestly, one of the markets that impressed me when it comes to ensuring social distancing is the Ayensudo market. I have shown my excitement and gratitude for their orderliness and adherence to the social distancing protocols. At Komenda, they had no market day, so we have decided to allow them use Sunday as their market day” he noted.

Closure of Markets and restructuring.

He noted that there was the need to close down some of the markets and restructure the market by commencing the shift system.

“However, I realized that they are still not adhering to the social distancing protocols so I have decided to close it down till further notice. We are using this activity to drive a point home and to serve as a deterrent so they observe the social distancing protocols. We are currently facing the same situation at the Agona market, as a result, I had to close the market down as well. At Kissi, we have realized that they have two market days, Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays seem to be very busy, however, we are going to segregate them so that one group would come on a particular Tuesday and the other would alternate to allow more room for social distancing”.

Use of face mask

In his bid to tackle all spheres, he added that he even went on a tour visiting places where their work exposes them to have a lot of physical contact like barbers, hair dressers among many other people and encourage them to wear nose masks.


He however bemoaned the crowded nature of the Elmina fishing market and their entire markets. As a result, the market women would be moved to a three hundred seater market facility that has been abandoned by the market women for unknown reasons. He therefore pleaded with residents to stop resisting efforts by the Health service to use some government facilities for quarantine centers.
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