NPP disrespected Maame Sawyerr Pokuah – Election Director, NDC (Agona East).


Even though the current coronavirus pandemic seems to have heaped dust on political activities in the country, there are still spikes of political activism.

Some supporters of the opposition party, National Democratic Congress, have been alleged to have removed posters of the opponent Parliamentary aspirant of the New Patriotic Party in the Agona East Constituency.

The Director of Elections of the National Democratic Congress, (NDC), Mr. Emmanuel Arkoh Yeboah has provided an explanation on this political tit for tat.

Speaking on Biribi Soronko, the Current Affairs program of ATL FM, hosted by Mr. Dominic Kofi Konadu, Mr. Emmanuel Arkoh Yeboah alleged that the supporters of the ruling government, New Patriotic Party disrespected them by pasting their posters on a sign post located at a market constructed personally by the incumbent Member of Parliament, SAWYERR, QUEENSTAR POKUAH.

He highlighted that the market was built by Queenstar with her own money, so she had every right to use the sign board, but deemed it disrespectful and alleged that her political opponents re pasted their candidate’s picture on the incumbent’s own especially without consulting her to use the facility.

“My brother, it is very disappointing to note that the youth of NPP have very little respect for her. Recently, our candidate had filed her posters on several platforms including light poles and all, but sadly, some youths of the ruling NPP, would also re file or paste their candidate’s picture or poster to cover the already existing one posted by the NDC. On one occasion, one of our boys removed a poster that had covered our candidate’s poster and had been arraigned. Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, she constructed an ultramodern market with her own money and erected a sign post which he filed her posters on. It would interest you to know that some of the youth of the NPP also had to go and refile that of their candidate and placed it in front of our candidate on her own sign board, she mounted at the market she constructed with her own money” he said in Akan.

He further went on to add that the MP was livid and had ordered its removal. According to Mr. Emmanuel Yeboah, Madam Sawyerr would not have been livid if they had even sought permission or used another place, but to cover her poster with her opponent’s poster on a sign post she had erected with her own money is tantamount to disrespect. He further noted that there is no way they are going to entertain that attitude in the constituency.

“Normally, when she (SAWYERR, QUEENSTAR POKUAH) designs her poster, she allows the inscription, ‘My God is good’ to be used as a motivational caption which also connotes her spirituality noting that it is only God who protects them. The covering of that aspect especially got the the MP angry, and she ordered the removal of the sign post. Secondly, it was a sign of disrespect since there are other available spots to be used, but they ostensibly posted theirs on her own sign board containing her own poster”.

He thus went on to explain that the whole act is a sign of disrespect against the MP. He alleged that they could have shown respect by asking for permission, but they didn’t do so and that would amount to disrespect.

Ghana’s Covid-19 cases have now moved above 1500 as 271 more persons have been infected by the novel coronavirus, the Ghana Health Service has confirmed, Sunday.

According to the Service, one more person lost the battle against Covid-19 taking the country’s death toll to 11.

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