Schools must be asked to close down to save all of us – TEWU

The Teachers and Education Workers Union (TEWU) has called on the government to close down schools to save the teaching fraternity.

Speaking on News Night today, 15th July 2020, Mr Mark Korankye, Gen. Secretary of TEWU has revealed that schools must be closed and exams must be cancelled. He added that when the government initially closed down schools, the various teacher unions supported them.

However, with the current situation where students and staff are being infected and the cases are also rising astronomically, it is only expedient that the government closes down the schools and cancels the final year examinations.

“When the schools reopened, the teacher unions came out to say looking at the spread of this virus, there was the need for us to hasten slowly. And to check on the spread of the virus before any decisions to reopen schools are made. Unfortunately, we were given all the assurance that the safety protocols would be adhered to. All the necessary gadgets would be provided and so it will be safe for both the student, the teachers and non-teaching staff of the educational sector”.

Mr Korankye further intimated that due to the arrangement and assurance given, the teacher unions consented to the reopening of schools. However, situations have changed with the cases increasing in the various schools astronomically.

“We agreed and consented that schools should be opened, but as we went along, we realized that even in the schools, now there are more cases coming up. Initially, it was just a few places, but now the numbers are going up and it is becoming scary. So what is the point in saying that somebody should go and write an exam when the person sees clearly danger ahead as far as this Covid is concerned” he added.

He, therefore, stated that for the Teaching Unions, it is just not safe for them, hence the schools should be closed down.

President Sets Up Covid 19 Subcommittee Task Force To Handle Covid 19 Scare In Senior High Schools as TEWU calls for schools to close down.

Following recent developments after Senior High Schools reopened for final year students, the government has decided to set up a Covid 19 subcommittee task force to handle challenges in the schools.

Some schools are reported to have recorded some cases of Covid 19. Notably among them include Wesley Senior High School in Kumasi, Accra Girls Senior High School. Additionally, is the recent death of a student at the KNUST SHS that has culminated into the interdiction of the headmistress.

Therefore, the Covid 19 subcommittee would be responsible for monitoring events in the various schools until the eight weeks are due. Also, the regional monitoring would be aided by this committee as well.

In a statement today, during the regular Ministry of Information’s address on the state’s fight against Covid-19, Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, sector minister revealed.

“The president has tasked a subcommittee of the COVID-19 Presidential taskforce to be set up to quickly address challenges that may arise in the next eight weeks while final year students are in school.”

covid 19 subcommittee to be set up to solve all these issues but TEWU say schools should close down
Final year students of KNUST SHS on a rampage following the death of colleague out of the negligence of duty from school authorities

Moreover, he acknowledged some systemic gaps in the execution of the Covid-19 safety protocols in the schools. Addressing that he said that the committee is to help bridge that gap.

“The committee would also ensure that guidelines of campus quarantine are strictly enforced and any gaps swiftly addressed where incidents are suspected.”


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