Three health workers contract Covid-19 at Ho Teaching Hospital

With the spate of soaring cases of Covid-19 in the country, three health workers have contracted Covid-19 at the Ho Teaching Hospital.

Meanwhile, the three health workers who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 at the Ho Teaching Hospital include a surgeon and two other critical care unit staff.

However, the surgeon is on housemanship together with two other critical care staff of the Hospital. They were working at the Regional COVID-19 treatment centre where it is reported that they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Additionally, with the first case recorded in the region, the Ho Teaching Hospital has been overwhelmed. Similarly, just like other medical facilities in the country, they are gradually overwhelmed.

Subsequently, they are fraught with a lot of challenges. For instance, in the triage area, suspected cases are kept when the relatively small isolation ward is full. On the other hand, patients are reportedly left in the open and at the mercy of the weather.

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3 Health workers who have contracted Covid-19 at the Ho Teaching Hospital including other staff lack PPE’s.

As a result of the situation, it has been alleged that a patient who was supposed to be sent to an isolation centre ended up at the emergency room because of lack of space. In addition to the avalanche of challenges fraught with their services, they do not have enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Speaking on the issue, the PRO, Amos Jah highlighted that no health facility in Ghana has enough PPE’s hence they keep buying more.

“As for the PPEs, no health facility in Ghana has enough. This is simply because majority of the PPEs are disposable so they get exhausted through the usage but we keep procuring more. What Central government provides arrive late but even, they get used especially the coveralls, gloves, surgical masks, N95, etc”

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Also, he added that even though they lack PPEs, they have improvised with quality nose masks so others don’t get exposed.

“For the facility, the government has also supplied the fabric nose masks to all health workers. We have also through research, supplied high-quality fabric masks to all staff to wear at all times so that their safety is not compromised. So please don’t get it twisted. Those who treat/triage (isolation and treatment centre) suspected cases don’t do that with fabric masks. They use the appropriate clothing,” Mr Jah highlighted.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kwesi Senanu Dzokoto, Deputy Regional Director, Ghana Health Services, Public Health, in an interview with refuted the claims of a shortage of PPE.

According to him, the hospital has been supplied with enough PPE to enable them work effectively.



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