Ursula hails the resignation of Carlos Ahenkorah amidst Covid-19 protocols breach saga.

The Communications Minister, Madam Ursula Owusu-Ekufful hails her colleague party member, Hon Carlos Ahenkorah for his resignation.

Hon Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, former Deputy Minister Trade Minister tendered in his resignation today, July 3rd. On Tuesday, there were videos and images showing the legislator at a voters registration centre in his constituency, Tema West.

However, amidst this scandal, Madam Ursula has called for commendations for the legislator for doing the honourable thing.

Furthermore, she tried to justify the actions of the legislator for going out. She intimated that he had to go out at the heat of the moment and that has caused him a lot. However, his resignations must be accorded with commendations.

Ursula calls for support for Carlos Ahenkorah for his resignation.
Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah, MP Tema West Constituency

“I think that in the heat of the moment, Carlos felt compelled to go out there and monitored the registration process. My heart really goes out to him. He is an excellent material in the Ministry, he will be missed but we must respect and applaud him for doing the honourable thing once he realised that he was part of a government that was preaching the compliance of all the COVID-19 protocol.”

Carlos Ahenkorah tenders resignation as Ursula Owusu shames those calling for extra punishment.

Additionally, she stated that her colleague broke the law and realized it was wrong, hence his resignation. Therefore, she went on to add that instead of condemning him for doing the right thing, resignation, he must be commended rather.

“He breached it and he has taken personally responsible for it. So instead of condemning him, we appreciate the steps he has taken. It is very rare in this country for people to acknowledge that whatever they have done is wrong so they will lay their position down. Others will have been defending the indefensible,”

Furthermore, she chastized all those who want him punished again saying “he has laid down his position as deputy Minister to take responsibility for it. You don’t beat a dead horse, what else would you achieve by his prosecution?” she added. 

Hon Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah’s act became a huge issue because he had been diagnosed with Covid-19 and was specifically asked to self isolate to prevent him from spreading the virus. However, he was seen at one of the registering centres attending to an issue concerning an alleged faulty machine being used for the registration.


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