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Dark Skinned Woman

Dark woman, Dark woman

An eye of beauty
Bodies that regulate like a shining silk
Smoothness of the skin
Echoes the beauty
Within the dark skin

Sunrise bowing to the dark woman
Melted Shea butter
When poured on the skin
Outstand the beauties of all treasures in the world
A woman that in her
Confine peace, harmony and joy
A dark woman
Containing a fresh juicy lips
Forefathers bowing to the beauty of her skin and lip
Colonial masters forcing themselves
On the dark woman
Because their beauty and woven conical shapes
Were not given to them
Having the dark smooth skin
Was her pride

A color that can not be compared to other creatures
A woman of integrity and pride
A true beauty of an African woman
That enchants the king of our land
The dark skin that identify her as a true African
Dark skinned woman
My beauty My pride

BY: Dave

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