A note from Dave 5

Young Dave seems to be in love this time, but to a mythical figure in her own conjecture.

My Dreamer

Needed badly like the salvation of life
Life is meaningless as days raptures without you
Thought of you has stolen my brain
As nature feels confused when I stare with a smile

My mouth feels uncomfortable as everything
Being narrated within envelopes
It get bored at my eyes as the only word that elapse and calms it down
Is my searching dreamer

My eyes gets exhausted
As my imagination
Wonders in the dreamland
Of where my searching dreamer
Can be found

I close my eyes
As I give myself
A way for sleep
To use but searching dreamer

Pops up as my eyes unfold
I asked myself why?
Why the dreamer hunt me everywhere
As I begin to accept

My light shines as thought
Of the life of similar creature appears in my dream like my dreamer
My dream is to search for my dreamer
My dreamer that seems to be far away
My dreamer, my searching life
A dream that unchained all the joy in my enveloped heart

BY: Dave

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