Pastor Jamal Bryant delivers Powerful speech On Building Bridges For Repatriation & Business

As part of this year’s Year of Return activities, Ghana has seen a barrage of African Americans returning home to see the land of their ancestors and the various slave dungeons. Although it has been estimated that about 1.9 million Cedis has been accrued so far as revenue for the activity which is a year long, we have also received about close to hundred thousand visitors in the country for that particular purpose.

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Interestingly, one name that popped on the radar and shores of Cape Coast is Jamal Harrison Bryant, African-American pastor who as of December 2018 wass the senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

The Morehouse College and of Duke University graduate who paid a visit to Ghana could not resist the ancient capital of Gold Coast, Cape Coast, where the Portuguese and other slave traders made their first point of arrival and colonized us in totality.

His activities took him to the palace of one of the great monarchs on the Fante land, Osaberima Nana Kwesi Atta II, paramount chief of Cape Coast Traditional area where the former delivered a speech on “Building Bridges For Repatriation & Business” at the Palace.

Watch the video below and subscribe to our tourism partner’s vlog, “Ekow Simpson” and watch the full video and speech.


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